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Breeding friends know that if you want to miss it, you will have a small kind of beast products, and the key is that the size of the breeding is, Xiaobian wants to say today is more important! ! ! ? ? ? “Preparing a variety” is the prerequisite for “breeding period” only to do “prepare the breeding period” to ensure the fundamental interests of “breeding period”! ! !

The preparation period of 貂, fox, 貉, refers to the first three months of breeding. After the autumn (September 21-3), the sunshine gradually shortened, the temperature gradually decreased, and the reproductive system of the fur animal was transferred from a static state to the growth and dysfunction. The reproductive organs began to develop, and the inner-secrer activity related to reproduction was gradually increased. At the beginning, the genital’s development was slow, and the development speed was accelerated after the winter solstice (December 21-3), and when the second year of breeding, the beast testicles could produce mature sperm, and the beast ovary can produce a mature egg.

This also divides the preparation breeding period into two phases: preparation of the pre-breeding period and preparations in the late stage

Today Xiaobian focuses on explaining the post-breeding period: January ( After the New Year’s Day)

winter cold, breeding of the beast under the nutritional standards of low energy, low protein, plus feed is easy to freeze, affecting the feeding, so that the nutrition and love of maintaining the need, most individual physical condition owes good. In this case, the appetite of the beast can reduce the amount of feed supply and reduce the ratio of fat in the feed, so that the beast reaches the medium.

Therefore, the preparation of breeding is mainly adjusted nutrients and balanced conditions to promote reproductive organs. So, from January to February, feed requirements nutrients, full price, and began to increase vitamins and trace elements to ensure full development and maturity of germ cells.

The full price protein feed and a variety of vitamins should be supplemented in the diet. The energy feed in the feed should be maintained in an appropriate level, and the feed can be added to the fur animal estrus in the mouth, such as Dian, Avine.

This can be seen in this period to promote the beast “reproductive organ development” is extremely important. It may affect the results of the entire breeding period
How to promote
breed “reproductive organs Normal development “? ? ?
New Year’s Day begins using “Dangantian” “Live Precument” will not think about it
“Danguo”: New Year’s Day starts, stop using one dayOne day; 15 days before the breeding, the daily use, the production of the production is deactivated; lactation is used, there is a declact effect. “Live Precise”: New Year’s Day began to use, know the breeding end. Increase the breeding rate of the behemas, improve the maternal and beast; ensure that the beast maintains strong sexual desire and physical strength throughout the breeding period, and improve the utilization of the behemas.

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