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The syringe must be carefully inspected before the serum oxoval immunity, such as whether the scale is accurate, whether it is leakage, can calm the needle, etc., the immunojection proposal should be distinguished from the treatment syringe, preferably Immunization with new syringes. However, it is important to pay attention to some oil jugular vaccine to produce different reactions with silica gel, thereby affecting the reuse of the syringe, and should be a syringe having no silica piston at this time. Each batch of vaccine injection intervals should be cleaned, disinfectable, drying, etc. The syringe cannot be residual moisture, ethanol, or other disinfectant, especially for the injection of the living seedlings. The needle should select a suitable needle according to the weight and age of the pig, and the needle should be small, the needle should be disinfected and sharp. You should replace a needle for each injection. If the needle is inoculated with the animal, it is no longer used to extract the vaccine. This behavior will contaminate the vaccine; if the vaccine package is large, you can use a special cleaning needle to draw the vaccine, and use different needles to vaccinate the pig. . Environmental hygiene and pigs must pay very attention to their environmental hygiene when they are healthy, and do not spray seedlings under the obvious place of feces or mud contamination. The vaccine can only be inoculated in a healthy pig, but vaccination to the pathogenesis will not only waste resources, but also may have certain side effects, which will cause side effects or even onset the vaccination of the incubation. It is best not to vaccinate 1 week before and after childbirth. At this time, the change in pig hormone level may interfere with the reaction of the body to the vaccine. If the vaccination is inoculated, an allergic reaction is generated. The corresponding treatment measures generally do not interfere with the immune response, but it is best not to apply antibacterial drugs within 3 days before and after inoculating the bacterial vaccine. If the atrophic needs to be treated, it can be inoculated after its rehabilitation. Joint injection now has many submarines to prevent multiple diseases in a needle. In addition, there is a situation that there are many kinds of vaccine in the pig farm. In a certain period of time demand multiple different vaccines, but generally do not inoculate multiple vaccines at the same time. If the test confirms that some vaccines can be injected at different parts of the pig. In order to use joint injection, it is possible to reduce labor intensity and reduce stress of the pigs to pigs, and can not mix the two vaccines. In addition, even if it is not a mixed injection vaccine, different vaccines are injected at the same part.The injection dose on the vaccine bottle label requires strict test verification, and the registered effective dose is usually 1 head, so it should be performed in strict accordance with the manner. Increasing doses does not necessarily strengthen its immunoassay or even cause side effects, and thus cause waste, and pig farms usually make such errors, arbitrarily increase their injection dose. Of course, if the vaccine is not good, it can be another matter, while the injection dose is insufficient because immunostimulation is not enough to affect the immune level. The vaccine repeatedly uses all open sealing and useful vaccine remaining and harmlessly treated, because the vaccine may be contaminated by bacteria or other pathogens after use; the air will increase in the bottle after vacuum destruction. Thereby, the vaccine antigen and adjuvant oxidation: the vaccine is also easily caused by antigen inactivation at room temperature and low temperature; the live seedlings will be quickly inactivated after re-dissolving, usually no more than 3 hours. The use of vaccine bottles and disposable syringes should be cleaned up in time and processed as medical waste. High-free serum octagonal anti
[functional is for the prevention and treatment of swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, blue ear, cyclovirus disease, pseudoal trace, fine viral disease. Viral, bacterial, immunodeflative diseases, have significant and unique effect on antibiotics, and can improve weak pigs and piglet disease resistance and enhance physical fitness. 2, non-name high heat, blue-ear virus, chronic germachen virus, cyclovirus, influenza virus, etc. continue to high heat (40-42 ° C or more), loss of appetite, fear of cold, breathing, breathing, gasping, With blood, the water is diarrhea, sometimes constipation and diarrhea alternate, the eyes are red, the eyeliner is purple, the early skin is red, the late stage is blue and purple, or the subcutaneous bleeding, commonly known as “red skin disease” or “blue skin disease”. 3, Bacillus, Salmonella, Anti-Anti-Porcelays, Bacillus, Bacillus, Bacillus, Hemorrhagic sepsis, via tips, pulmonary oysteria, infectious pleuropneumitis, bow-shaped burning, loss of appetite, spirit Shen Yu, red purple, breast redness, large shallow gate swelling, yellow pus, cough, diarrhea, etc. [Usage] 1, this product should be injected separately, the effect is good, once: pig, cattle, sheep, horses and other livestock are 0.1ml-0.2ml per kilogram, 100 kilograms of animal, 100 kilograms, the best effect , Severe, stubborn 2~ 3 times. 2, drinking water: livestock this product is dissolved in 10kg water per bottle, and use 3-5 days. [Tips] This product is rapid, 12 hours after medication, can significantly reduce mortality, quickly resume the feeding capacity, the body is maintained, can effectively reduce the occurrence of other diseases, the product is high, the bioavailability is large!

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