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South American White Purple Shrimp as the main variety of shrimp farming, its output is high in the world, bringing huge economic benefits to my country’s coastal and its surrounding areas. However, with the gradual development of the breeding industry, the shrimp disease is endless, especially piratory shrimp White spot disease . Let’s take a look at the white spot disease. 1. Symptomous naked eye visible crustal has a large number of whiteprints, and the white spot distribution of the head and the top of the head is much stripped. Then, then the interior of shrimp is infringed, the immunity and resistance decline sharply, forming a viral white spot synthesis disease. The shrimp in the early days of the disease, the fan is red, the body is thin, roaming in the water surface, at this time, the center of the head is detected by the microscope, found that there is snow-shaped, radial white spots. After the onset of the disease, the dead stomach or the null stomach, the air is empty, the liver is swollen, the appearance is blurred, the hand is fragile, the red tissue liquid flows out, the crustal and the limbs have obvious white streaks, swimming slowly, soon Find down to die. The disease is quickly spread, the pathogenicity is strong, the incidence is high, and the mortality rate in the infection 3-10d is nearly 100%. 2. The cause is mainly more than the number of baits, the amount of payment is large, causing a lot of excrement in the pool, water quality, substrate deterioration, and a large amount of pathogen. At the same time, South American white shrimps have deteriorated in the pool water, and they have declined their own immunity and resistance, and they are infected by pathogenesis. 3. The prevention and treatment of diseases is faster than that of the white spot virus, and the infection rate is high, and the mortality rate is large. Therefore, for the white spot disease of shrimp, we must follow the principle of “defending main, prevention and control, anti-weight”, and take comprehensive measures in a timely manner to prevent and prevent treatment. The liver pancreatic is an important measures to prevent the shrimps of shrimps and protect the liver and pancreaticity to improve the immunity and resistance of shrimp. Protect the liver pancreatic to shrimp, bile acid is indispensable. First, bile acid can enhance liver function, improve the activity of shrimp superoxide dismutase, lysozyme, glutathione peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, improve the immunity of shrimp and resistance to resistance; second, bile acid Can promote fat and digestion, remove endotoxin, reduce the liver burden; Finally, add bile acids in shrimp feed, effectively promote the intake and absorption of shrimp to cholesterol and fat soluble vitamins, increase the synthesis of ecdil hormones, and ensure the growth process Normal molty. 4. Summary for viral diseases, once the incidence, humans have no clear drugsIt can be handled. Therefore, for the petrophache, do a good job in prevention, do not only strengthen the feeding management, improve the pond environment, and protect the liverpsis of shrimp to improve the resistance to shrimp. (Source: Longchang motivation)

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