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Prevention and control measures for duck virus disease

In recent years, the duck industry has gradually increased, and the duck model has changed to scale, intensive breeding, and duck diseases also complicated. Duck yellow virus disease is one of the common diseases in the production of ducks. The disease mainly harms the egg duck, the meat seed duck, and is almost all infected with the duck group. Duck farm with extensive and poor cultivation conditions, high mortality, and easy to infect other bacterial diseases; in terms of farming conditions, feeding management is less frequent, mortality is usually low, and the laying eggs are rapid. The disease prevention and control measures are here:

First, the clinical symptoms
have a wide range of disease, fast propagation speed, high incidence. Egg duck and product egg duck course 10-14 days, ducklings 7-10 days, if used improperly, the disease can be up to 20-30 days. The disease is mainly manifested as the temperature rise of the sick duck, and the green water is placed. There is a slight respiratory symptom in the early days of the incidence, then the amount of food is suddenly decreased, and it can decrease to the original 50% or even more in just a few days. The egg rate decreases with a large decline, and can drop from 5% -10% from the peak of the layout in 4-5 days. Eggs are generally reduced to 10% -20%.

Second, the cutution of the test
Anatomy, the main lesions can be seen in the ovarian development, ovargens, deformation, necrosis or liquefaction, folk film congestion, bleeding; some ovarian edema or fall-blood blood blood bleeding The liver is swollen; the spleen has bleeding spots or has a spleen marble necrosis, some are extremely swollen and broken; the pancreatic red, the condition is severe, the swelling bleeding or bleeding point, necrosis point; some myocardium or heart endometrics Bleeding point; a small number of cases of chest or leg muscles have bleeding points; often concurrent E. coli, necrotic enteritis and mycoplasm mixed infection.
Third, prevention and control measures
There is currently no vaccine for preventing ducklov virus disease, mainly to strengthen feeding management to prevention.
1. Isolation and disinfection measures should be taken in the pastoral duck field. Derfened the egg basket used in the venue and recycling.
2. Take a closed feeding helps prevent disease. Open feeding is the main breeding model of egg duck and breed ducks, but in large meat breeding duck farms, most of the closed feeding is taken, even infected, due to the surrounding seal and disinfection measures, it can be very good during the popular period. Control the epidemic.
3. hairAt the same time, it is necessary to feed anti-viral drugs (plaque), antibacterial (duck slurry), and control secondary infection. The author treats the disease and use antibiotics to use antibiotics and the drug for the treatment of Escherichia coli, Wei Shissea or mycoplasma. For the rehabilitation of ducks, some of the drugs such as increased digestin or speed, have a significant effect on the rise of the egg rate.
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