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First, the factors caused by bronchial embolism and pulmonary embolism

1. Pathogenic complex: Most cases of bronchial embolism are not a single disease, but a symptom of systemic infection. Bacterial, viruses, mycoplasma infections, and non-feeding management, etc., can cause the emergence of chicken bronchial embolism.

2. Chicken group with poor chicken warehouse: Some farmers do not pay attention to the environmental hygiene of chickens and chicken farms, resulting in an increase in the number of pathogens in aquaculture, and is prone to this disease. There is also a girlfriend that has too much feeding density, a ventilation difference, and the harmful gas concentration in the chicken is too high, and severely damaged the respiratory mucosa of the chicken, causing a respiratory pathogenesis in the chicken group, thereby a bronchial embolization and pulmonary embolism.

3. Select the treatment of medication: Since the wall of the chicken balloon is very thin, the blood vessel is very small, many drugs are difficult to achieve effective concentration in the airbag, so that the airbag is difficult to treat in clinical practice, long-term, leading to pneumonia Other.

4. Special physiological structure of chicken respiratory system: the upper respiratory tract, lungs, airbags, bones, and the structural characteristics of the bones, so that the body forms a semi-open system, the pathogenic microorganism in the air is easy to pass The upper respiratory tract infection causes systemic infection. Because the chicken does not have a diaphragm, chest, abdominal cavity is closely connected, it is also easy to cause the airbag to be infected after the digestive tract disease, if not in time to use medicine control, will cause sepsis system infection or even pneumonia, bronchial embolism, etc. It is also the main cause of pneumonia and bronchial embolism.
5. Stress factors: The author of the stress factor is divided into two: one is a vaccine response caused when vaccination. Generally, there is a lot of symptoms of chickens, nasal, snoring symptoms, such as causing airbags, can cause airbags, and management slightly, the management will cause bronchial embolism and pulse pneumolic embolism. The other is a cold heat stress. In the middle of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, the temperature difference between day and night is generally more than 15 ° C, the temperature difference is too large, the temperature of the chicken is suddenly lowered, or the temperature in the chicken house is uneven, there is a temperature difference or temperature angle, and the extension is not advanced in advance. Cause. There is also a lot of hot winds in the spring, and the wind is big. The chicken house is closed without strictness, or suddenly blows the wind, direct blown chicken. There is also because the environment is too dry, and there is too much dust in the house, and the chicken respiratory mucosa causes the disease.
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Two , Pathogenic factors
1. The individual viral disease infection, such as mixed infection, while paying attention to mixed infection of coronaviruses.
2. Bacterial factors, such as mixed infection of E. coli disease and bomotype or myopathic disease.

3. The body is immunosuppressive disease: such as infectious ricks, alone virus diseases, Ma Like disease, infectious anemia, etc. can cause immunization infection, leading to low immunity, increase Disease infection risk, the treatment is difficult after dying disease.
4. Fematical pneumonia: all in four seasons, especially in summer and autumn, this is mainly related to my mildew in the feed of corn and soybean meal in feed.

5. Fungal infection: In the air, in the water, there is a spore in the feed in the feed. If the management is not in place, the chicken will infect onset.

Three, clinical symptoms

Chicken group suddenly onset, clinical often there was no obvious symptom, spread fast, usually quickly spread across the group, high mortality, starting from the beginning of death The day doubles, the mortality rate is about 10%. In the early days of the disease, the slight respiratory symptoms, the chicken “吭吭” nose, clear the nasal liquid, the eyelids become long, there is a foam in the eyelid, then there is a snoring, cough, Zhangkou 脖, “呴呴” symptoms The seeds of the chicken have a serious decline, the feather is linger, and the turbine is closed. The individual chicken is yellow and green. Finally, the bronchial embolism and pulmonary embolism, suffocation and death. The death chicken is only mostly in the middle and other individuals and most of them are facing up, and the two legs are twisted.

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Fourth, pathological changes Disease nasal mucosa flush, there are mucus in the cavity, supportThe trachea, the fine bracket, congestion, bleeding, and mucus inside. The embolifier can be seen after passing through the gas pipe or bronchial, severe extension to the lungs to form a dendritic clogging, airbag turbid, chest airbag, belly bag has yellow-white foam-like secretions, severe packing liver, lung blood stasis, blood stasis, The intra-ferrous tube is yellow-white cellulose-like secretion, forming the pulmonary bronchial embolism, the course of the disease, the perpetratures of hepatitis, the airbag and other systematic sepsis, adenfly nipple erosion, kidney redness, there is a significant needle tip size Bleeding point, ureate deposition in ureteral deposition.

Typical lesions of this disease are in the trachea, and the bronchial embolifier is formed, which is severely extended to the lungs, which is the main cause of chickens.

Five, prevention and control and treatment ideas

Prevention and control inspection

1. Vaccine immunization: It is recommended that chicks are immunized by vaccination of infectious bronchitis at 7 days. For vaccine immunization, it is recommended to decide whether to inject the vaccine according to the results of the antibody monitoring.

2. Seasonal factors: The reason why the disease is in winter, the main reason is that farmers only pay attention to insulation in winter, leading to poor air in the chicken, ammonia concentrates, harmful gas exceeds the standard , Stimulating respiratory mucosa induces respiratory pathogens, then cause pneumonia, bronchial embolism. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to feeding management, diligent feces, reduce the breeding of harmful gases in the huge house; in the winter, the winter ventilation is to ensure the minimum ventilation, and to master the temperature change of the chicken house when ventilated; prevent the thief to invade , Set a negative pressure reasonably.

3. Raising management factors: Strengthen feeding management, regular disinfection, reduce feeding density, reduce stress, supply quality feed, add multi-dimensional and health care Chinese medicines to improve the body’s immunity, increase disease resistance, try to Reduce the incentives of the onset and reduce the incidence of incidence.

Prevention and control principles

1. Urgent rules and rules. Joint medication specimens and healthy, fast and efficient.
2. The principle of medication is to control inflammation in early control, medium promotion of cheese, and expand the bronchi, and dissolve the embolism.

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1. Treatment of this disease It should be combined with the medicine, and it must be keen to protect the kidney. The standard of choosing drugs is an anti-inflammatory effect. Second, the tracheal embolist in the respiratory tract is capable of assisting the lungs to restore its function, four is non-toxic side effects, no anti-drug, five is the drug through body fluid circulation to reach the lung time Short, and can inhibit pathogenic continuity development, repair damaged organs and tissues, and relieve respiratory symptoms.

2. In the process of treating the disease, there will be a phenomenon of chicken death (most of death chickens “” old disease “, but the chicken is mentally state, and the feeding capacity will have It is better, this is the normal development process of the disease. At this point, we should continue and adhere to the medication. After 1 ~ 2 medications, the number of death chickens will be significantly reduced, gradually cure.

3. Two points in the entire treatment process, first, because the cause of chicken death is the pulmonary embolism, the incidence of urgency, must use the low blood concentration of lungs, can be used Clean the Agrobacterium. Second, the disease can result in the decline in the immunity, the immune function decrease, causing secondary infection, lane, coronavirus, E. coli, etc., the best Chinese and Western combination treatment, Western medicine solution, Chinese medicine Detoxification, promote immunity, only this can effectively control death.

Through the above analysis: Be sure to strengthen feeding management, diligent, cut off the dissemination pathway and infective sources of disease during breeding process; rationally add preventive drugs to reduce the immunity of the body to reduce susceptible animals To minimize the production of all adverse stress factors to reduce the chance of dyeness, so that our breeding profits is maximized.

In recent years, there have been a case of broncholic embolism and pulmonary embolism, especially in winter incidence, more white meat and 817 meat chicken. In the past two years, there is also an increasingly higher incidence and death rate, which has caused huge economic losses to farmers.

The amount of chicken is desirable, the chicken is called, the chicken is breathing, and the chicken bumper

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