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The large yellow fish is well, the body color is golden, its nutritious, delicious taste, is an important economic fish in my country. It is a meat fish with fish and shrimp, which is high in protein demand. In recent years, the multi-yellow fish feed formula technology has gradually broken through, but as the scale of breeding is constantly expanding, there will be such a disease in the course of breeding, then we will first look at the knowledge about the gods of the big yellow cowardous bile syndrome. . The large yellow croaker causes liver, gallbladder, and kidney or other organs in the breeding process. For example, if there is an obesity and liver burden, the amount of toxic substances occur in feed fatty fatty fats, the content of protein, fat and sugar, etc., the content of the protein, fat, sugar, etc., resulting in diet, excessive or long-term Use antibiotics such as drug abuse and toxic substances present in the water body. It has been able to play the rumor behavior of hepatobiliary syndrome, and sometimes irritability or even the sputum; the body color is in a color; the liver generally has a varying degree of swelling, and the severe case is more than doubled than normal. ( There is also a shrinkage of volume), the liver is light or congestive, and some form a “flower liver” between the yellow-white phase. Some liver are light yellow, the gallbladder is large, the color is large, the color is green, bold, some bile color change Light brown, etc. The study found that adding an appropriate amount of bile acid, betaine, choline, botulinic, phoxic, and phoxi, etc., can promote the fat metabolism of fish, reducing the burden of liver, and is obvious to prevent the formation of hepatobiliary syndrome effect. Among them, feed-stage bile acids are unique in controlling rhubarbi liver gallbladder syndrome. Balling the liver and genitals: The study on the fish and other fish in Robei, the addition of bile acids in the feed can significantly reduce the activity of the cereal aminogenase and gravist transcetin, indicating that bile acid repairs liver damage, there is the liver A certain protective role. After antibiotics such as antibiotics, a large amount of endotoxin is generated to harm the fish liver and boldness, while bile acid can accumulate or decompose endotoxin accumulated in the intestine due to drug abuse, reduce the absorption of the intestine to endotoxin to prevent endotoxin. The harm of intestines, liver and even the whole fish. In addition, bile acid can promote a large amount of thin bile in hepatocytes, and other harmful materials such as mold toxins and heavy metals in the feed, thereby reducing the liver with bile, thereby reducing the damage of toxic substances to the liver, maintaining the health of the fish, and preventing a large yellow fish Hepatobiliary syndrome. In addition, fish liver will improve its ownImmunity and the activity of SOD, lysozyme, alkaline phosphatase, thereby having a strong resistance caused by bacterial properties such as Norcocci, reducing the incidence of internal organs, and then improving large yellow fish. In addition to adding bile acids in the feed, it should pay attention to the development of suitable forces in daily breeding management, and the amount of feed should be determined according to its growth needs, and must be dependent on the market. In addition, it is forbidden to feed the fed-oxidated feed to avoid increasing the liver burden; pay attention to the ratio of each nutrient composition in the feed, and feed fresh full price cooperation feed. In addition, feed-stage bile acid not only prevents roddous cowardous gallbladder syndrome, but also improves its body color: Studies have shown that the formation of large yellow fish is related to carotenoids that cannot be synthesized by fish itself, while carotenoids are lipolysis Substances, thus have an important impact on their absorption and metabolism. Bile acid promotes the absorption and utilization of fat-soluble substances (including lipolytic vitamins and pigments) in the feed, enhances the colored colors of the large yellow fish to close the wild large yellow fish. In addition, bile acids can also promote the digestion of fat in the feed, reduce excessive body fat deposition in vivo, so that the large yellow fish is well. Copyright Notice: This article is the Shandong Longchang movement of the original article, and the original text is published in the Dragon Central to China. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source. 34.jpg

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