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Pig branch is commonly known as porcine gas, is a chronic respiratory infectious disease caused by pig pneumonia colon, has highly pathogenicity and low mortality. . Clinical symptoms

mainly in chronic cough, breath, slow growth, and the length is long.
The main chronic episodes of sick pigs, mutual infection, and repeated.

The temperature of the sick pig is normal. If there is secondary infection, the body temperature is increased, the breathing is difficult, there is obvious abdominal breathing, and there is a curative cough, the disease is 1-2 weeks, the piglets and the mortality rate is more High-test changes

The pathological parasites or shrimp samples of pulmonary edema and emphysema, heart leaves and sharp leaves occur.


1. Piglets during weaning, due to the stress reactions such as the resolution, replacement and change the feeding management environment, resulting in a decline in the resistance of pigs, which is easy to develop.
2. Due to the development of scale, the breeding density is large, the breeding management is not good, resulting in an increase in the morbidity of scale, and the incidence area is expanded.

3. With the development of pig industry, the introduction of different places and frequent circulation, but during the introduction and circulation transaction, due to the risk of quarantine, the sick pig cannot be accurately identified, resulting in spreading pigs to spread.

4. Some pig fields are not strict, leading to serious pollution in the farm, and the long-term existence of a variety of pathogens, the pig group is in a hidden infection, once the body’s resistance is decreased, it can cause mixed infection, A variety of diseases occur simultaneously, thereby increasing the difficulty of prevention and treatment.

Prevention and treatment measures

1. Adhere to self-cultivation, strictly eliminate the introduction of foreign onset pigs.

If the introduction must be introduced, the isolation and quarantine (at least two months) should be strictly controlled, while doing the corresponding disinfection management.
2, ensure the stages of the pigReasonable nutrition, avoiding feed mildew.

Combined with the seasons to do a good job of control, strictly control the breeding density, and implement a full-time whole system, and a variety of chemical disinfectants are regularly disinfected.
3, reasonable immunity, do not use antibiotics before and after vaccine immunity, so as not to cause immunity failure.
4, timely discover symptomatic treatment, more sensitive antibiotics such as mycoplasm, tuberculosis, Tale bacteria, Dorshen, etc.

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