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Cow cold prevention and treatment
Recently, many farmers friends are talking about cattle colds, cattle flowing nose, cough, high body temperature, and use a few days of fluorine, Astragalus poly sugar, cephalosporin, amoxicillin, mei test Star and other drugs, the money spent a lot, but the disease has not been cured, some friends even want to give up the treatment. In fact, this is not to see the problem, starting to invest in, this is a typical cattle. Cow cold is a systemic disease based on inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. Be sure to treat symptomatic treatment, you can have a long time. Otherwise it will delay the treatment timing, resulting in losses. Multiple factors such as the cause of alternating, climate change, thief wind invasion, the decline in the falling, rain, and long-distance transportation can cause this disease. Symptoms – Amastic spirit, appetite, decrease in ruminance, vertical, planting nasal liquid or cough, skin temperature, ear and limbs cool, nasils, no lungs, acupuncture, timeless Rushen . Prevention – Improve feeding management conditions, do not make cattle feel cold or wind heat. Treatment – The use of heat-free agents such as compound quinine injection, compound amino-injection injection. The Chinese veterinary deposits a cold and hot fever. The cold cold is suitable for Xuan Temperature, Xuanfei is cold, and if you use Jingfu defeated. Wind is hot and cold, and the wind is hot, and if it is detoxified with Yinqiao. Prescription – the fastest treatment is 10-20 grams of aspirin or amino forest, 30% of my muscle injection, and the food supplement, and then the sulfonamide drug can be consolidated. Reling hard, when the cattle is angry, I hope that when you manage, you will be careful, patient, and minimize the occurrence of cow’s colds to avoid unnecessary losses! Multi-point patient, symptomatic treatment, willing to rehabilitate after catching cold!

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