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Freshwater aquaculture is a fish disease with different degrees of bleeding or congestion as a fish body organizational, mainly harms white, flowers, squid, squid, squid, grassfish Waiting for 2 or more of the fish. The pathogen of outbreeding from freshwater fish is mainly Welcomered aeroboxa, gentle gascacillus, Rurat, Yerssenson, etc., usually in water quality, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite indicator exceeds the standard, parasites Induction of adverse conditions such as breeding. The dead rate of furry bleeding can be as high as 100%, often caused great losses to farmers.

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For outbreak bleeding, mainly prevention is mainly prevention, prevention. The production practice is mainly used to use scientific stocking, improving the disease resistance, controlling pathogens and administration of drugs and other measures to comprehensive control.

1. Control the water source, change the water, change the water, and maintain good water quality. Strict dredging and disinfection of the pond that occurred over the blood, to eliminate residual pathogenic aerobic bacteria.

2, reasonable stock, control too high stocking density. The density is too large, the stress effect of the fish is large, and it should be excised to induce the disease.

3, use physical fitness seedling or disease-resistant seedling, or immunize soaking, injection. 4, use high quality feed, give the bait to regulate, quantitative, positioned, and timed.
5, regularly check the fish, eliminate weeds, bait, deadfish and parasitic intermediate hosts in the pool, and prevent the disease and spread.
6, regularly deworming, reduce the use of chemical insecticides, using new insectormy agents such as eucalyptus essential oil prepafferer to prevent alternative treatment, in replacing insecticides, prevention and control of parasitic disease.

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7. Long-term fed antibiotics is prone to resistance, and the liver of fish is damaged, resulting in the liver White, reduce the body’s immunity. Therefore, it is recommended to prevent anti-viruses in antibacterial antiviral and enhance immunity, and the mixed bile care of the immunity is recommended, and the mixed bile care of the mixture, repair the liver damage, dredge the biliary tract, and reduce the damage of the drug on the liver.

8. For fish that have been onset, more effective treatment: octane phosphorus (40%) 20-30 mL per mu with copper sulfate 250-350g / mu; for parasites caused by squid, squid bleeding good results. Benzapium bromide with glutaraldehyde solution is sprinkled, two times in the next day, for spending good, orally bile acid Ganohaxard plus VK; or fluorine tissue plus bile acid plus VK3 continuous investment Feed one week.

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