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Prevention and treatment measures for 貉子 穿 and gastric ulcers
1, main symptoms
Mainly gradual loss of appetite, gradually decreased, but the mental condition is still. During this time, some of the disease beasts are black and rare, and some are black and black, and if they don’t fall after about 3 to 5 days, the mortality can reach 100%.
2, pathological changes
The appearance mucosa is pale, the examination can be seen, the lungs are pale, the liver is light, the liver is yellow, the liver volume changes, the spleen is slightly shallow, the kidney color is shallow, the abdominal cavity has a lot of turbid blood samples Cut the gastric wall, there is a large amount of ulce stove in the abdomen of the gastropi, and the Hiphan has a perforation of the soybean particles.
3, the cause of the disease
I personally think is mainly nutritious.
Long-term feeding of nutrients with unreasonable feed or some feed raw materials are too long, deteriorate, such as feed oxidation (fatty fatty). Feeding of excessive proteins in a long time, causing protein poisoning.
Some farmers are in the late stage of the mother and beast and the whole breastfeeding, worry that the beast is no breast or less milk, add a high-protein and high fat substance. If the preparation period is from the breeding period, the protein in the feed is more High should be, due to the critical development of protein to sexual organs (of course, there is a trace element and vitamin), that is because the mother beast is very kind, the protein in the truly intake will not exceed.
In the early stage of the breeding point, there is no problem due to control feeding, but do not feed too high protein and fat when the beast is nest, so when the food of the mother beast is increased, The protein in the subject is enough to grow in the body of the beast in the late body.
If a high-protein, high-fat feed is fed for a long time, it is easy to cause this disease. In addition, there are drums and small bacterial diseases that can cause this disease, such as Helicobacterium bacillus.
4, responding measures
should be hunger strike, but it is currently a breastfeeding period. A small amount of protein is low, then adding multi-dimensional glucose and human drugs (Xi Ding Ding, Reniti) for gastric ulcers, and then oral treatment of anaerobic bacteria.
In addition, it should be noted that the addition of vitamin E in the year, according to the difference in species, the different periods, and all kinds of nutrients are reasonably matched.

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