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In recent years, foxs, and skin diseases have seriously jeopardized their health and directly affect the quality of fur. There are two main ways to cause foxs and skin diseases, and are described below, with reference for farmers and peers.
First, hairy disease
Meiki disease is a permanent external parasitic disease caused by rhetoric. The disease beast bite or uses the jaws and the body, which is generally more common to the back of the neck to shoulder or rub the chest side and the back of the palm of the palm, and the needle hair is broken, and the defect.
1, pathogen
is a small wound-won-wound-won-wound mihim. Small flat, yellowish or grayish white. Ribis is incompletely metamorphosis and is only completed on the surface of the animal. Take hair, skin, it is food, but sometimes it also swallowed blood and exudates from animal skin damage.
2, epidemic characteristics
Mali disease is a contact-free parasitic disease that propagates directly in direct contact or indirect contact. Infection diffusion due to transportation or intensive feeding. The contaminated pads and utensils can also be infected.
3, clinical symptoms
Generally, the beast is uneasy, often in the dog sitting, and the back is scratched back or bite the chest side and even the front or wrist. The needle, the needle, the velvet fever, the formation of an unequal area, the disability of the fluff, more occurred after the neck, front shoulder, chest side, palm back wrist.
There is no obvious abnormal phenomenon in light, except for the local part, there is a systemic symptom, that is, malnourished, thin, being fur, fall off, local changes in winter can be seen, there is a certain part of the limb Hair removal or defect. This disease mainly causes hair loss, affecting the economic value of fur quality or loss of fur.
4, diagnosis will grasp the beast, inspected in the fur cluster of the wool defect, there is a yellowish white dandrush beeworm crawling, and the microscopy can be diagnosed.
5. Prevention measures
To thoroughly eliminate moutes on the body, 0.5% ~ 1% of the drums or 12.5 mg / kg bromoolioli can be used. It is necessary to carry out the cold indoors or summer when medicated baths.
If the winter season is delayed, 20% fly phosphorus milk powder can be used to add white clay to 0. 5% fly toxic phosphor powder, spread to the full body of the whole body, repeated medication 1 after 1 week Submit, soon healed.
In order to prevent hairy disease, the beast house should be cleaned, disinfected, maintain ventilation, dry, and shamps should change, often sun, nursing tools should also be regularly disinfected. The newly introduced beast must be seriously detectedCheck, confirmed without ribbed.
Second, 病
病 is a chronic parasitic skin caused by a grouse of the mites and itchy mites or a chronic parasitic skin caused by a fur animal under the epidermis. If the feeding management is improper, the treatment is not timely, it will directly affect the quality of animal health and fur, and bring serious losses to the breeding field.
1, pathogen
(疥 疥 and ketopa) is an incomplete arthropod, its developmental process includes 4 stages of eggs, larvae, nymid and adults.
2, popular characteristics
Fox, 貉 By direct contact or indirect contact with each other. The sick animal is the main infectious source, which can spread the disease directly, such as intensive breeding, and breeding can be propagated.
By direct contamination of cage, catastropos, packages, and overalls, gloves, etc., can also be indirectly spread indirectly, cats, dogs are important infectious sources. The autumn and winter season, especially the rainy weather, which is conducive to the development of mites, and there is a wide range of disease, and the incidence is heavy.
Spring, summer, the animal body change, the ventilation improvement, the skin is being lighted, and the mites and itch have died, and the symptoms are reduced or completely recovered.
3, clinical symptoms
1 疥
It is itching the main symptoms of this disease, and runs through the entire disease, usually occurs in the foot of the foot, and gradually spread to the flying and elbow, Then spread to the inside of the head, tail, neck and the chest and abdomen, and finally develop into generic type.
The more infection is, the stronger itch is. It is characterized by sick cavity, and after entering the warm chamber or after exercise, it is more violent, so that it is not stopped, before the claws scratch, it is constantly rubbing the object, thus exacerbating the inflammation, and spread around A large number of pathogens.
Fox, 貉 Because the body’s skin is widely infringed, loss of appetite, sometimes poisoning death, but most cases have been treated in the treatment.
2 耳, 螨 螨
The initial partial skin is inflamed, there is a mild itch, sick, and shook his head, or rubbed the ground, the chamber, the cage network, and scratch the body, causing external audios Red, swelling, forming inflammatory blisters, and slurry exudates. The exudate adhesive ear shell is mounted, and then the graft is formed, thick in the ear canal, such as a scroll, block the ear canal.
Sometimes the ear itch is drilled into the inner ear, and the bone film is damaged, causing the perframe perforation. At this time, the virgin is decreased, the head is 90 to 120 ° steady side. seriousThe case may be extended to the sieve and brain, there is a symptom of epilepsy.
4, diagnostic
This disease is easier to diagnose according to the characteristic clinical symptoms (scar) generated by the mites of the beast skin. A case where the symptoms are not obvious, the skin on the skin is needed, and there is no diagnosis insects.
Conditional breeding field, scraping less sludge with surgical blade, hit the net glass dish, soak for 3 to 5 minutes with 10% NaOH solution, then take 1 drip suspension On-chip, displaced under low-dimensional microscope, you can see a locust in the field of view. A mites can also be observed with a large magnifying glass.
5, prevention measures
cutting degradation, in order to make the drug can be fully contacted, cut the affected portion and from 3 to 100 px around the affected part, will be collected by hair and dandruff Incinerated in the pollutor tube or soaked with a murderer, scouring the snake and dirt with warm soap.

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