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There were a few photos from a friend who sent a friend, consult the pig’s bite. The pig bitmine occurs in the pig group, which is characterized by mutual bite, which is induced by many discomfort in pigs.

With off milk, grow pigs, fattening pigs, especially pigs 12-16 weeks old.

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So why do you have a phenomenon of pigs? The pathogenesis is related to the following reasons:

1. Environment:

The pigsty of the wooden board structure can increase the occurrence of the skem, and the straw pad The circle is small, and the high-feeding density is more vulnerable, and the column can also be induced.
2. Climate:

Low temperatures can increase the incidence of the end of the end, but high temperatures, dry, and dust can also increase the incidence. Ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide or other gas concentration increase can also increase the incidence rate.
3. Light:

The increase in strength may also become a stress factor and increase the incidence.
4. Nutrition:

High-energy low cellulose diet can induce bites, and also related to vitamins and trace elements.
5. Diseases:

Certain clinical and subclinical diseases are the cause of this disease, such as the pigtail tip, can cause the end of the bite.


The pigs that occur at the end must be picked out in time to prevent further damage; at the same time, it is necessary to closely observe the state of pigs, which may indicate some diseases, and facilitate symptomatic treatment. .

Clinical manifestations

The pigs are uneasy, bite each other’s tail or ear, some make the ear, the tail is damaged, such as step-byflihood, then the wound can be purified , Seriously affecting pigsGrowth development.

Prevention and treatment

In addition to improving feeding management, the following measures can be taken to eliminate the above pathogenic factors.
1. Dhane tail of the piglet, and the electric heating clamp is used in 2/3 of the tail and disinfect it.
2. Slabs should be treated and regularly deworm.
3. There is a piglet with a sow, a pig, and a bit of a bitmanganate is cleaned with 0.1% potassium permanganate, and iodide is applied to prevent infection, and severely use antibiotic symptomatic treatment.
4. Apply the tail to Suer, Waste oil, chili oil, etc., other pigs do not dare to bite their tail.
5. Wipe the bite with a yellow plain liquid, several times a day. Huang Chain has a sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect, wholly, and pigs only don’t dare to bite.
6. Application of sedative: Add a proper amount of cinnabar to the feed, and there is a calm action.

Author: Li Mengnan Source: pig Online

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