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First, the injection method (1) subcutaneous injection method. Part: After the skin is relaxed after the rabbit ear, or both sides of the abdomen midline. METHODS: Local cutting, disinfection, then use the left thumb, the index finger put the skin, the right hand pierced the needle of 1.5 ~ 2 cm under the skin, inject the liquid. (2) Muscle injection method. Part: on the neck side of the rabbit, the hip thigh is full of muscle, no blood vessels and nervous. Method: Local clipping, after disinfection, the left hand is tight according to the skin, and the right hand is pierced vertically, and the depth is dependent on the thickness of the local muscle. If the amount exceeds 10 ml, it should be injected at points. (3) Intravenous injection method. Choosing the ear veins of the rabbit two ear in the injection site.
Second, the oral method (1) is the most common method of administering to the feed. When mixing the drug to the feed, let the rabbits eat themselves. This method is suitable for prevention or treatment of diseased rabbits or group rabbits that can eat. (2) Irrigation method. When sick rabbits do not eat, use syringes or plastic eye-catching bottles to inhale the liquid, slowly injecting the mouth from rabbits, can’t be too fast. (3) rectal infusion method. Make the sickbbit side, with a thick and suitable rubber pipe, the front end is taken out, slowly insert it into a certain depth, and then inject the liquid. This method is mostly used to treat constipation. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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