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Rabbits infectious conjunctivitis, ie red-eye lacrimals, is a common eye disease in rabbits, mostly in summer, young rabbits and adult rabits, fast infection, high incidence. The main media of the disease is mosquitoes and some moths.
The main symptoms of rabbits are: eye-catching film redness, tears, jociostea, adhesive eye, or half closed, sometimes fever, loss of appetite, psychoal, dung, yellow, severe, I am afraid of light, the eyes are swollen, and I often succeed, causing blind eyes. Consult QQ: 2627108897
After the rabbit infectious conjunctivitis, it should be isolated to dry, dark rabbit houses, and do a good job in environmental disinfection and mosquito flies.
Treatment measures:
(1) First rinse with light salt water, then use erythromycin ointment to apply a doctor, 1 to 2 times a day;
(2) Apply a medical department with atrine ointment, every day 1 ~ 2 times;
(3) Honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, green box, 5 grams of draft, decoction, and use this liquid to wash eye.

Summer rabbit diamonds are mostly placed in place, and they have to be universally disinfected after the rabbit, and they can use some commonly used disinfectants.
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Ennohaxing belongs to the broad-spectrum antibacterial drug to the common rhinitis serious respiratory disease and the pulse caused by Dacatronium sandbachi prevention: drinking water or mix 400 kg Treatment per bag: drinking water or mixture 200 kg per bag

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