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At present, the farming industry of the bullfrog is still in any stage of development, and the farm hardware can’t keep up. It does not pay attention to the management of water quality, and neglects everyday health care, but in order to pursue units of yield and blindly super high density stocking. This not only causes water quality pollution, but the problem has increased year by year with the increase in cultured density. I have long working for a long time, and some of the bullfrog diseases encountered in the work, I hope to bring a harmonious help to the bully frog practitioners.

The best way to reduce the cost of bullfrog farming is to reduce the mortality of bullfrogs, in other words are prevention, control and treatment of diseases. In recent years, meningitis disease broke out, causing huge losses.

The meningitis of the bullfrog is caused by meningitis Puerobacterium, the main symptoms are manifested as anal red swollen, the eyes are blind, the eyes are blind, the head, rotten, sometimes accompanied by ascites, young The frog will also be swim in the water; the hind limbs and abdomen have obvious blood spots, the liver is swollen, black, the spleen is shrunk, and there are bleeding spots on both sides of the spleen.

For this disease, the following two aspects should be done in the treatment: First, do water sterilization work, the other is to choose drug treatment by blood brain barrier . Most farms use the above methods to achieve a certain effect. However, once the drug is stopped, the disease usually recurses during a short period of time (usually 2-3 days). Careful analysis, two: one, this disease is usually accompanied by severe hepatobiliary diseases, it will be ignored or the product is ignored or selected; second, the treatment is short, and the treatment has not been completely recovered.

In the process of actual breeding, we often only pay attention to the treatment of bacterial diseases, and the cure is not thorough, and the drug is relapsed. Therefore, for the meningitis of the bullfrog, the idea given by this is the symptoms of the specimen. Specifically, control of water quality, reduce pathogens, this is this, maintaining good hepatobiliary and intestinal health, this is also the case; the diseases show various symptoms. In terms of water quality, the frog pool is all discharged, thoroughly disinfected, three-dimensional disinfection after entering the new water; protects the liver and gallbladder to reduce the liver burden, it is recommended to use Shandong Longchang’s bile acid, 30%, 5g / kg feed; nursing intestines, choice can resist fungi, synergistic antibacterial drugs, and can also use the mountains to promote proven bacteria breeding.The happiness of Donglongchang 100, 5g / kg feed; antibacterial drugs should be symptomatic, master the compound technology.

Anti-weight, the health concept of cure, bullocity, plus blind pursuit production, so there will be a situation in which disease is rampant. The industry should continue, healthy development, and the majority of feed companies, motivational enterprises and grassroots technicians are deep into the first line of breeding, giving our farmers to instill health care concepts, namely water quality and liver sausage.

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