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Clinical symptoms: chicken chicken is pale, spirit is sluggish, the feather is reduced or abolished, the wings are drooping, the feathers are messy, the feathers around the feces are polluted, closed Eighten diarrhea or blood-like feces;

Pathological changes: visible chicken is swollen on both sides of the disease, full of blood, mucous membranes have necrosis points; some small intestines The intestinal mucosa has thickened, there is a necrotic death point; there is still a dative chicken duodenum bleeding or bleeding point;

Prevention and treatment, adherence to self-cultivation, if you need to introduce Need to get a formal chicken farm, to strengthen quarantine before introducing, 2 weeks have no abnormalities, and can be incorporated into the group. In addition, you should perform regular disinfection of the chicken house and remove the chicken manure in time to carry out fermentation treatment. Drug prevention is not less than 7 days by conventional amount. Choose to have deworming, hemostasis, cool blood, detoxification, anti-inflammatory effects, such as Changshan, Bupleurum, Squirting, Green, Diuri, White Maogen and other mixed materials, 7 days for a course of treatment. After the onset, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine and the treatment of Chinese and Western medicine, and the treatment of hemorrhage, etc. Drugs such as polysaccharides, enhance the immunity of chickens.

Clinical symptoms: The disease is expressed as the spirit, the wings are drooping, the gait is stiff, closed eyes, head, the chest, the top, the whole wings, anorexia Early light yellow or gray green ray, individual serious cases draw blood, even a large amount of blood in the feces, some of the chicken head skin is black or blue purple;

Pathological changes : Blind intestinal swelling, swelling, one or both sides are swollen, cutting the contents, cheese samples; the liver is swollen, the liver is circular or irregular, necrosis, or ulcer,

Prevention and treatment strategy: This disease has seasonal, timely prevention of genitazole or Chinese herbal medicine in feed or drinking water. Strengthen feeding management, feeding nutrient balanced feed, reasonably arrange the breeding density, pay attention to the ventilation in the house, reduce stress. Regularly disinfected with disinfectant from Holmalin and formaldehyde solution or to Suri; regularly remove the hidden nematode, killing the media, can be reducedLess incidence of this disease.

The initial body of chicken disease is high, loss of appetite, depression, yellow green thin feces; some disease chicken chicken crown Pale, anemia, double wings, feather chaos; there is still a stealth, sudden bleeding or difficulty of breathing, sudden death; Trough change: Visible chicken body is thin, chicken pale, Blood thinning; the skin and the legs such as the muscles of the legs have a large bleeding point; the liver and spleen have a little bleeding point or nodule; myocardial hemorrhage, there is a narcotic section of necrosis; Name: Wang Xiao Tel: 15725217809 Prevention and treatment strategies: chicken leukotrophic disease is a very seasonal protosclerosis, which can prevent the media from entering the chicken in the high incidence of the disease, and can be equipped in the chicken group, each Week spray insecticides inside and outside the chicken house and to prevent drugs such as sulfonamides or Chinese herbal medicines in feed or drinking water. Feeding fermentation feed, reasonable arrangement of feeding density, can reduce the occurrence of the disease to a certain extent. FunongTonghao Wang Xiao reminds you that parasites not only draw the nutrients of chicken body, but also affect chicken growth, secondary diseases hazard the healthy development of chicken industry. Advocate self-supporting, full-time health management system; strengthen feeding management, maintain good ventilation, feeding nutrition balanced feed, control the temperature and humidity of the house, reduce or reduce all kinds of stress factors. Usually to strengthen the timely cleaning of chicken manure and accumulate fermentation or biological fermentation, to kill the eggs, and pay attention to the chicken house, and use to perform regular disinfection. According to the daily age of the chicken group, the adult chicken and chicks will be brought to the bullion to prevent chicken cross-infecting parasitic diseases. In addition, the chicken should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases, and according to the characteristics of parasitic diseases, the drugs such as Western medicine or Chinese medicine will be carried out in time, pay attention to the use of drugs to be used, preventing drug resistance to drug resistance, and increase treatment Difficulty and treatment costs. Prevent secondary or mixed infection with other diseases will increase the difficulty of treatment, affecting the economic benefits of farmers. This article comes from FuNongTonghao to share the little knowledge, if you want to contact me.! Public number: FunongTonghao pays attention to the public account more chicken knowledge and you share Pathological changes in parasitic disease, anti-policeware of parasitic disease, parasitic disease

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