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At present, the breeding of fur animals is entering the fur, in addition to the various nutrients required to meet fur growth, pay special attention to the occurrence of vitro parasitic diseases, and the 518 farming technology network will pay attention to the following:
Multiple from the head, mouth, nose, eye, ear, chest, and claws. The skin is red, the pelletous small nodules, the subcutaneous tissue thickens, and itching. The disease beast scratched the part of the disease, and the skin scratch was blotted by the hair, and the skin of the skin was thickened, or the skin was thickened, or formed of suede, dry crack, dandruff.
After the prevention and treatment method
After the mitigation disease, the treatment should first isolate the treatment, to prevent the spread of spread, the prevention and treatment of the disease is mainly: external use and needle skin injection, the light can use 1% ~ 2% of the enemy Worm aqueous solution rubbed the affected area, or applied 15% concentrated iodine 1 ~ 2 times, there are also some domestic pharmaceutical needles to control the disease. After the disease occurs, it must be used to control the condition, practice prove, the import of harmful to the effects of peony and various in vitro parasites.貉, adult fox is 0.2 ml ~ 0.5 ml (based on the condition and weight in this range), it can generally be cured once. Severe diseases can repeat injections after 12 days, and they can effectively prevent the onset of mites. Generally, it is 0.1 ml to 0.2 ml. When the use is harmful, it should be subcutaneously injected, and muscle injection is prohibited. Save at room temperature, the shelf life is 5 years.

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