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[Today’s share] Preventive treatment measures for Escherichia coli in Duck Square (1) Strengthening environmental hygiene and disinfection E. coli are often used in the animal body, mainly through fecal excretion, clean up feces, do a good job in disinfection, can reduce large intestines in the environment The concentration of bacilli, thereby reducing the chance of infection. Disinfecting should be used alternately, because some bacteria can produce drug resistance to disinfectant, and encounter more stubborn bacteria, some disinfectant can’t achieve sterilization, such as gold iodine, due to volatilization, sterilization The effect is not so good. Drinking water is generally chlorinated. However, foreign reports have been reported that the disinfection is not necessarily thorough due to the problem of water, and citric acid or aldosterone or the like is added in drinking water, and the acidity of water can be improved, and the sterilization effect of chlorine preparation can be improved. It is important to pay attention to the disinfection of the waterline. After a batch of ducks are raised, they should be cleaned. (2) Strengthening the incidence of E. coli in the summer is much higher than in winter. The reason is that the summer inflammation is hot, and if the cultured density is large, the ventilation is poor, the temperature and humidity is high, and the ammonia is heavy, the body body is deteriorated, the resistance is decreased, and the respiratory mucosa is damaged, which is easy to infect E. coli. At this time, if the feces cleaning is not timely, it provides a powerful condition for E. coli. And due to the large humidity, the amount of gas in the air is increased, and the chance of the body infection is increased. So pay attention to the timely cleaning of feces in time, strengthen ventilation and control temperature and humidity. To do a good job of disinfection work, eliminate weakness of weakness in time. The ducklings are prevention in 1-4D, which can effectively reduce the chances of egg biopsy. Don’t suddenly change, reduce damage to the digestive tract, thereby reducing the chance of E. coli intrusion. Enhance the resistance of the body, reduce stress, and feed the anti-anti-anti-antigen. (3) Vaccine immunization my country’s large colitis serotypes. High-rise, etc. from 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in my country. It has been identified as many of 60 serotypes, and the serum group in different regions is very different, that is, different farms in the same area. The serotype phase is also large, even in the same poultry group in the same farm, there can be multiple serotypes. Luo Ling, Sun Guangli, Li Wenyang, etc., the investigation of Duck E. coli, different provinces, also verified this. So before doing vaccine immunization, it is best to figure out the local (this field) epidemics blood cleaning. At present, the vaccine of Escherichia coli mainly has inactivated vaccines, causing weak vaccines, genetic deletion mutations. (4) Drug prevention and treatment rootsAccording to the drug susceptibility test results, it is necessary to alternate medication due to the drug resistance of E. coli. In addition, the mechanism of action of different drugs is different. New herder is not easy to produce drug resistance of more than 10 drug components. (5) In recent years, the abuse of antibiotics has been continuously enhanced due to the abuse of antibiotics, and many institutions have begun to study non-antibiotic treatment measures. In vitro to E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, and white candida and fungi have been confirmed to confirm the Xuzhou New Mu Technology Department Duck Medical Lao Gequalies 2017-5-25

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