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The cattle feed has a high nutritional value, good premises, cattle love, fast growing, but farmers will find that the feed is not stored during feeding, and this aspect is introduced.

1, insects

Common pests include corn icons, cereal, rice, big cereals, saw valves, etc. They are not only harmful feed, which makes it up to 10%, but also pollutes feed with dandruff, strange taste and body falling off, and some insects can also secrete toxins, which will cause harm to livestock and poultry. .

2, mite

There is a very harmful area of ​​rods in a region where the humidity is large.类 类 环境 环境 存 存 存 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 环境 环境 代 环境 代 环境 环境 环境 环境 代 环境 代 形成 形成 环境 形成 形成 形成.
3, mouse

The hazard of the mouse is not only there to eat a large amount of feed, but also bitter a poultry, submoultry, and pigs, causing feed pollution. And generate harm to feed mill packaging, electrical equipment and buildings, and the spread of animals and human diseases. If you want to know more, you will help to help Yunmu ~

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