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In the beginning of 2018, in Guangdong, Guangxi’s large-scale pig farm (above 2000 basic sows), encountered continued, repeatedly vomiting, water-like diarrhea, dehydration The situation is combined with the previous practice of pig farm, and it is controlled in strict accordance with the strict accordance with the treatment plan.

Summary the case solution, share the current onset characteristics and prevention and control scheme for your reference.

First, the current epidemic is characterized

1, the age of the vulnerable pig is expanded: 2 days of age of 20 weeks of pigs (including breastfeeding Sow)

2, the incidence and mortality rate of breastfeeding pigs can be as high as 100%. Clinical manifestations, vomiting, water-like diarrhea, other symptoms are not obvious.

3, vaccine immunity, anti-feeding (strong immunization) is not good.

4 Once again, some pig farms have repeated more than 4 times.

5, long lasting, can grow up to months, up to half a year.

6, the temperature still occurs in the case of high temperature, still happening in June 7-8.

7. The sow also has a slight diarrhea symptoms and loss of appetite.

8, giving huge economic losses to the pig industry:

1 Piglet death:

7-day-old pig high mortality can be as high as 100%, each piglet Direct feed costs about 260 ∽ 300 yuan;

2 fattening pigs postponed out (delayed 10 ∽ for about 15 days, fattening, 3kg feed daily, 1.5 yuan / kg, loss of 45 ∽ 68 per hour)


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Second, constructive prevention and control treatment plan

(1) Prevention and control

Adhere to the principle of “weight loss, weight loss, anti-weight, anti-weight, comprehensive prevention and control”, this disease is conventional.

1, sow management

Differential diseases and other diseases occur after birth, 60% pathogens from sows, 40% from the outside environment.

Therefore, preventing diarrhea in piglets, first must manage, health care preventive sows;

1, the location must be fully entered, clean, heat, dry, air flow, Light;

2, managing pregnant sows, post-nutrition and health, addition reproductive, immunized, intestinal, stress nutrition, to remove pathogens and toxins in sow Improve non-specific immunity;

Prevent the occurrence of “three inflammation” such as endometritis, vaginitis and breastitis in the prevention of pork.

And ensuring that the sow is smoothly produced, indirectly protects the health of the birth of piglets.

3, 45 days before the sow, 1 vaccination of each immunization of each immunization (epidemic diarrhea, infectious gastroenteritis, rotavirus), according to manufacturers, head / time Myocardial injection should be formed.

7 days produce immunity, the protection period can reach 4 ∽ 6 months. After birth, the pig is born, you can get 30 days of passive immunization protection, and then minimize the proportion of diarrhea in piglets and severity. .

2, piglet management

1, the room temperature is maintained at approximately 22 ~ 24 ° C, which is beneficial to the feeding of the mother pig. More than 24 ° C, each increase of 1 ° C, will reduce 100 grams per day per day.

According to estimation, the mother sow is added to 1 kg per day, and the sow can reduce weight loss in the entire lactation period.

Insulation box: Piglet 1-7 days of 32 ° C 34 ° C, 8-12 days of age of 30 ° C ∽ 32 ° C, 15-30 days of age of 28 ° C.

The low temperature environment and temperature difference change can cause the occurrence of piglet diarrhea disease.

2, implement the care, let all piglets table one, two (preferably 3 hours after birthInner), the full table three (150 ∽170 g / kg) eat colostrum (in principle, the sow is the milk within 36 hours of childbirth);

, especially the original piglet To eat 40 ∽ ∽ 初 初 初 (初 初 免 初 种 的 i 种 种 种 种 种 保护 保护 保护 保护 袭 保护 袭 袭 仔 仔 仔 袭 袭 仔 仔 仔 袭 袭 仔 仔 仔 袭 袭 袭 仔 仔 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭 袭

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Table 1: Time limit for piglets


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Table 2: Changes in immunoglobulin absorption in raw milk


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Table 3: The demand for piglets

3, the renovation of the pig, the TPR triple live vaccine; Note: The Harvei triad active vaccine is inoculated as an example, and the Houhai Acupoint (the tail root is inoculated with the small woven portion of the middle depression of the anus).

According to the bottle, the vaccine is diluted into 1 ml / head with aseptic saline. After the sea acupuncture points (small woves in the middle of the intermediates of the anus), 3 days old pigs need The depth is 0.5cm, which is deepened with pig age, and the pig is 4 cm.

Immunized sowThe pig was vaccinated by 1 ml of 10 days after weaning, and the piglet produced in the unimaciated sow was inoculated with 1 ml.

(2) Treatment:

Due to 95 ∽ 染 染 率 率 率 低 低 低 低 低 低 仔 仔 仔 仔 仔 仔 仔 仔Adult pigs have almost no death.

The following scheme is mainly for lactation pigs within 7 days of age:

Treatment of soda pigs in the treatment of soda pigs (clinical symptoms, cutting, laboratory diagnosis):

1, isolation of sick pigs, fell from 1 to 2 meals. And add oral rehydration salt throughout the water to drink, keep the pig hood and dry.

2, use pig white cell interferon or chicken new city village seedlings, as an interferon inducer, can mobilize the body to produce non-specific interferon, thereby interfering with the reproduction and infection of the invasive body; In the other side, according to the drug instructions, cooperate with injection of Astragalus polysaccharide injection.

Suggested dose: white blood cell interferon 10 000IU / time, myocardial injection, 2 times a day;

Chicken new city disease I constructed 1 2 feathers / kg body weight, plus appropriate amount of injection 0.9% After physiological saline dilution, in the sick pig side injection;

should be guaranteed to drink water in a sufficient amount of abstraction and hypotension.

3, applying Ennovia injection + 10% glucose intraperitoneal injection, dose together with 20 ml of each kilogram of body heavy Ennohaxard 5∽6.5mg + glucose 20ml, twice a day.
At the same time, the neck muscle injected vitamin C injection (twice a day, 200mg each time); vomiting fierce workers apply stomach resisted 1 ~ 2 ml muscle injection, or 4 pieces of milk enzyme, stomach resiscation 2 pieces, gains, 1 to 2 times a day. It can achieve the effect of very good control of E. coli.

Note: It is necessary to put it in 50 ∽ 60 ° C to warm water, reach the normal body temperature of pigs to be injected;

The needle of abdominal fluid should use the infusion The front end infusion needle, to be uniformly injected, two people cooperate, so that it can make the drug solution to suck up, and maximize the possibility of damage to the inner organs of the piglets;

Third, experience

First, do the usual vaccine immunization and the isolation and disinfection of sick pig after the onset, simultaneously cooperate with moderate limited water, limited;

Second, do a good job The hydrolymatic and dehydration work, the drug control is mainly used to choose long-acting, and high-efficiency antibiotics is mainly antiviral drugs.

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