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Chapter 1 Total Theory

—— Pets House Dog Course Contents For now, there is now related to the dogs who are only associated with dogs
dog only What is the general information, more in-depth academic research or disease medical treatment is not within the scope of this course.
—– Based on historical information, before 15,000, the dog is already a common partner of human ancestors.
—— Dog has four dog teeth to bite, for meat, beast.
—— The earliest ancestors: Miacis, appeared in 54-38 million years ago, about 12 million dogs have been animals.
Where CANID Tomarctus has a long brain, it is similar to the current dog, which is evolved into modern dog
—— Wolf (Wolf), Fox and Jackal are close relatives of the dog.
—— Wolf, Wolf and dogs mate migrate each other.
—— General Scholars believe in Grey Wolf, Canis Lupus Papillips is the ancestors of the dog, and now still exists in India and
Middle East.
—— Dog is the most important livestock of human beings
a. Practical value
b. Medical value
—– Dogs can be infectious diseases and hazards.
—— There are about 400 dogs in the world, with a diversity, any person, can choose to be suitable for dogs.
B, dogs only introduce
1. Huning: Dogs are only in personality and physique for meat hunters, with sniper, the dog is only in the fields, and the spirit of braveness and 锲
and is unsatisfactory, for the human ancestors, until today is a trusted hunting partner.
Some training excellent varieties can be found (visual or smell) and lock the bird prey in a distance,
convey the owner, find and return to the prey.
Today, many dogs are not hunting, and the owner can still throw away the wooden stick.Or the ball is returned by the dog, the dog is only this game music
2. Smell: The dog is only extremely developed and sensitive, using this feature to find prey, guns, ammunition and drugs, etc.
. The military police have special training special police dogs. Bloodhound is only a typical example.
3. High speed run: There are some breed dogs to run high-speed running capabilities, can chase prey, such as Greyhoud.
GreyHound has become a competitive entertainment in many countries.
4. Swim: The dog will only swim, and also like the water.
5. The use of mankinds: the human use of dogs has been working hard, and the work items include guard, hunting, heating, monitoring,
mobility, weight, supply fur and meat.
6. War Tools: The European Middle Ages have been installed in the Mastiffs dogs or a pot of burning sulfur to the armor
Knights, and the Soviet Union trained suicide to attack the dog against German tanks.
7. Assist Tools: Good has alert, interest, enthusiastic participation and strong energy, suitable for busy work.
Some dogs are only suitable for work, and should also give job opportunities. Collie and drag of woolen groups or flocks
sleigh in the typical example.
8. Guide Dog: Labradors, Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds can become excellent training, which can become excellent
guide dogs, becoming a blind “eye.”
9. Human partner: There are more than 400 yuan in existing dogs, and the body is very different, but all dogs only novels
are similar to their ancestors, they are animals with high adaptability, treat it properly, livestock will receive
大大 乐 的 回 的.
10. Protector: The protection of dogs can be extremely high, and its guard security’s desire can expand the livestock owners and their families, houses
and gardens. Even if the small dogs are bark, they also have a scared role.
11. Best partners in humans: dogs love social, and love with people. Toddler and the elderly have a lot of time with the dog phase
, and often established a special close relationship.
The dog only gathered into a group for its strong instinct. When the dog could not meet the same kind of group, the dog would only agree with its owner
human family as its “group”, and identify the leaders in the family. For its “group” leader. A friendly
dog cares about all family activities, and also likes to be one of the actor of the active protagonist.
Your dog is your most loyal supporter, his loyalty is no doubt, you respect your dog, it will also respect you
, when you train your dog, on the one hand, on the one hand, do each other, understand and trust On the one hand, it makes it easier to integrate into your life
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