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(Wu De Professor Sichuan Agricultural University)

1. Fiber Nutrition

Feeding management, fiber nutrition, genetic breeding is a possible factor affecting the reproduction of different lines of sows, research Discover: fiber nutrition is an important factor in the full playpotential potential of maternal pigs.
North America is corn soybean meal type Daily food: diet fiber: 11-13%, non-soluble fiber: 10-11%, soluble fiber: 1-2%, ISF: sf = 8-11. Europe is corn wheat soybean meal type Daweed: diet fiber: 14-17%, non-soluble fiber: 11-13%, soluble fiber: 2-4%, ISF: sf = 3-5.
2, improve the reproductive performance of the sow

can change the intestinal microbial composition, improve gastrointestinal development and function, and improve the health of the sow. Improve the quality of oocytes. Increase early embryonic survival. Improve the vitality and uniformity of freshmen. Improve the lactation and weaning results.

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4, sow fiber nutrition is not appropriate hazard
Backup The estrus of the sow is reduced by 7-10%; the number of pregnant sows is 1-2, the elimination rate increases by 3-5%, and the weak piglet increases by 5-10%. The amount of breastfeeding is 500 grams low, and the weaning is 300-500 grams.

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5, the reserve mother Pig feeding status

The annual update rate of resembled mother pigs is as high as 40-50%.

The atmosphere is postponed or failed, and the chobial quality of the oocytes accounted for 60%.

50% of the sows for life, 30-40 heads, pigs, are eliminated, and the start-up is a key reason. 6, rear-prepared sow fiber technology

Through experimental verification:

(1) High fiber diet has a trend inhibiting the activation of original follicles, and significantly increases the cavity The number of follicles.

(2) High-energy diet significantly increases the latch of cavity follicles. (3) High fiber intake significantly increases the synthesis of serotonin, and reaches the ovarian tissue by blood circulation, and increases the content of blood amazine tissue tissue.
(4) High-energy low fibers significantly reduced sow intestinal microbial diversity, while high fiber adds to compensate for the loss of microorganisms from high energy.
(5) High-fat low fiber significantly reduces Bifidobacterium (bifidobacterium), Fibrobacter, Prevotella_9 (Placene) is relatively abundant, and the addition of high fiber has made up for these production Loss of short chain fatty acid microorganisms. Suitable levels of dietary fibers improve the intestinal flora, increasing the relative proportion of SCFAS flora, further improving the content of serotonin, inhibiting apoptosis of lumen or follicles, increases the quality of the female piglets, It is conducive to breeding organ development and gastrointestinal health.

Take experimental verification:

(1) Head fetal mother pig feeding Low fibers are advantageous to improve piglets with piglets.
(2) Through the sow of the sow: High fiber continuous feeding is conducive to improving the number of wear pigs and reducing the mortality rate of early pig.
(3) Studies have found that maternal nutrition (fiber) affects fetal placenta blot gene and DNA methylationMode, may be nutritious to improve the important mechanism of growth and health after the growth and development of intrauterine development and programming.

(4) Through the sow: high-fiber intake in pregnancy improves reproductive performance, headal sow: It is recommended to use low fiber feeding; high fiber diet: increase the number of pigs pigs and improved in the woine Promote internal organs to develop, and increase early survival rate;

8, dietary fiber affects pregnant sows

(1) Dietary fiber complex has increased live nurse Weight> Trend of 900g piglets. (2) The dietary fiber complex has a trend of increased weight and back losses in the daily luminescent pig.

(3) As compared with soybean skin, astrous as a fiber source, significantly increase the number of mother pigs.
(4) As compared with wheat bran, beet slag or soybean as a source of breastfeeding, and the mammaline is improved.
Compared with soybean skin, astrous as a sow is the main fiber source of sow, the number of sows can be improved, but the piglets have a reduction in the birth of piglets. Soybean skin and beet slag as the main fiber source of sow, the sow is the main fiber source of sow, the sow can significantly improve the quality of the sow. Comprehensive consideration: We believe that the beet slag is a preferred fiber source of pregnant sows.

9. Fiber levels affect the proliferation of the continuous three-child propagation of gestational mother pigs

(1) High fiber level reduction The second fetus mother pig breast body weight and back losses are lost.
(2) High fiber levels increase the number of 30% of the second fetus mother pig.
(3) The high fiber level is shortened less than a maternal pig proceed, which increases the piglet weight.
(4) High-fiber level increases the feeding capacity of a maternal breastfeeding, and the amount of feeding in the late diodaron.
(5) High-fiber levels increase the number of living products of the third sow, the number of fissips and the newborn ware.
(6) High-fiber level improves the periosis of a maternal pig and relieving the constipation of the mother pig.
(7) High-fiber-level diet increased insulin sensitivity in the late stage of sow, which is advantageous for the increase in the feed of sows.
10, Different ISF: SF proportional impact on pregnant mother pig continuous trihydam reproductive performance

(1) The ratio of insoluble and soluble fibrosis has no effect on the reproductive performance of the first pregnant sow.
(2) Intention and soluble fiber ratio is 3.89, the product performance of the first fetal breastfeeding is the best.

(3) With the decrease in the ratio of inhalation and soluble fibers, the production performance of the second fetal fever sow is best.
(4) The ratio of insoluble and soluble fibers significantly reduces the reproductive properties of the third child sow at 9.12.
(5) With the ratio of the ratio of the ratio of the soluble and soluble fiber, the sows reaches the optimal, and the proportion of the probably means to relieve the constipation of the mother pig.

Small junction

Under the same soluble fiber, the total dietary fiber intake increased by 2 times compared to the basic corn soybean dietary fiber level. Pig production, improved the performance of the mother pig, breastfeeding, and the grade of piglet weaning. This may increase the insulin sensitivity of the sow pregnancy with high fibers.
On the basis of studying the high fiber level, the ratio of non-soluble fibers and soluble fibers reaches 3.89, the sow is the best.

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