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Absorption and storage of nutrients, detoxification and detoxification, immunity Defense, secretion of digestive enzymes, hematopoietic, etc., a very important functional organ of South America. Once the liver pancreatic is damaged, the organs and physiological functions of shrimp whole body will be affected. In South America, the nursing of the liver and pancreas is extremely important, especially in the transparency, rotation, and shell period and steady period. These critical periods.

Diseases that may cause shrimp phenoprost
Turn the liver period: Generally, after 18 to 22 days of shrimp, it is a rapid development maturity period of the liver. In the back of the liver period, a layer of white film gradually occurred in the back of the liver and pancreatic, and the white film gradually developed, gradually surrounded the entire liver pancreatic trailing edge and bottom, which is a symbol of the liver and pancreatic function. At this time, it is a key period of the transformation of the liver and pancreatic function. It is easy to turn over the liver, the phenomenon of liver and pancreatic red, fatty liver, is the most critical period of prevention of liver pancreatic lesions throughout the breeding process. If the liver pancreatic is not developed at this time, it will cause liver pancreatic lesions in the late stage of culture, and it is difficult to repair. Time of rotation: The seedling period is the weakest in the process of the shrimp, the worst ability, but also the key stage affecting the late incremental rate and high yield. The rotation period is generally 12 ~ 20 days (shrimp to 2.5 ~ 4 cm), 25 to 40 days (shrimp to 5 ~ 7 cm), shredded from the seedlings to the shrimp pond From eating plankton to eat feed. The problem of shrimp seedling during the rotation period has a problem, and the liver of shrimps is very large, and the symptoms of feeding or dying will, should pay attention to the health care of the liver and to reduce stress. Spring: The growth of shrimp must be rely on the shell. Immunization of the body of the shrimp chahe is relatively weak, and it is easy to suffer from the invasion of pathogen and poisonous substances. If the liver pancreatic is damaged, it will lead to crashing the shrimp body immune system, indirectly affect the smooth shell of shrimp. The dead period: mainly occurs in the late seeding period and the cultured period, mainly caused by eurus infection, shrinking the liver and pancreatic, necrosis, null intestinal air stomach is the main characteristics. Sili is a conditional pathogenic bacteria, and it is easy to infect when the shrimp body is resistant to the resistance. Therefore, the key to steal the disease is to protect the resistance of the liver and pancreatic. Important to the liver pancreasSex

Choosing nutritional matching feed is the primary condition for protecting the health of shrimp and liver. Second, we must also pay attention to the feed storage, it is best to save in a cool, dry, ventilated place, can not make the feed of the feed to create yellow cuckool, feeding such feed, will result in shrimp vaporcarosis. In addition, adding bile acids in shrimp feed is also an indispensable measures for nursing shrimp voices. 1, the addition of bile acids can promote fatty acid absorption, improve the utilization of shrimp on cholesterol and multi-unsaturated fatty acids, promote the success of shrimp symbol; 2, bile acid can bind or decompose endotoxin within the intestine To prevent endotoxin from entering the liver through the intestinal mucosal barrier, reduce the absorption of endotoxin, increase the intestinal barrier, prevent endotoxin to harm the intestinal, hepatic pancreatic and even shrimp body; 3, bile acid can destroy The cell membrane of bacteria makes cell integrity damage, and thus can inhibit excessive proliferation of intestinal harmful bacteria, maintain intestinal microorganisms; 4, bile acid can enhance the function of shrimp liver, promote liver detoxification detoxification, reduce the toxic substance Injury, increase the resistance to shrimp resistance, and increase the shrimp in 10%. Bile acid’s promotion of shrimp and a sufficient scientific test data identification. Ma Junxia’s test results show that bile acid can significantly increase the weight gain rate and survival rate of Roche Maimi, which can significantly reduce the content of AST and ALT in Roche Maimi serum, indicating that bile acid enhances the function of the Liver of Roche Maimi, this The results fully prove the promotion growth and liver of bile acid on Roche Maimi. Li Xianglin, etc. Test results show that bile acid can significantly increase the growth performance of Nanxin shrimp, significantly reduce the crude fat content in the mild, significantly reduce the content of Alt and AST in serum. The article comes from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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The shrimp is turned around, and the shrimp is dead, the shrimp and the pancreas are dead, the South American white shrimp is atrophy.

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