Puppies feeding precautions

u=4272621975,1838730446&fm=26&gp=0.jpg For newers of the initial dog, especially dogs who met the puppies, many people don’t know how to feed them can make them healthy. Sometimes often brought harm to the dog because Ignore some small links. Today, we have to talk about how to properly feed your baby.

When the dog is young, you must have a good feeding habit, you can get them to eat every day. Moreover, you need to clean your tableware daily, give you sufficient water, keep the dog’s diet hygiene habit. In addition, food needs to be soft to softening, before you can eat it. If it is a professional puppies or can, you must give it a strict accordance with the above instructions.

Also says that the number of times of feeding, it is best to feed three times in the dog baby period, and can be reduced to one to two times when the dog is five or six months. Here are some contraindications in feeding.

    1. Don’t let the puppies have the opportunity to swallow, ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in Think throat, then broken, if you don’t stay in the throat, you will slip into the body, pierce the stomach wall and intestines.

  • 2. Don’t let the puppies eat people’s leftovers, because the dogs are different from the needs of nutrition and human food, if the dog food is used to use human recipes, not only take time, but also is difficult to take To a complete balanced nutrition.
  • 3. Don’t eat snacks between puppies between every meal. If it obeys other training, you can give it a little snacks to encourage.

  • 4. Remember not to let the puppies go to the table, because this will develop bad habits. You can only feed a specific food at the specified time, and the food can only be placed in a bowl of puppies, which is not available to other foods. In addition, don’t forget to provide a waters for dogs and clean water.
  • Dried dog food does not use milk to mix, but to use water to mix. When puppies 6 to eight weeks, most pets and chors are not approved to put milk into the food, because too much milk will lax, which is easy to cause digestion.

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