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Pseudohadia is a use of a variety of livestock and wild animals, and itch (except external) and cerebral spinal inflammation Acute infectious diseases for major symptoms. This disease can happen in four seasons, but in winter and spring and the peak season, it is often a sow house in the peak of childbirth, and the nest is about 100%. The pathogenesis is mainly in the 15-year-old piglets, the initial age is 4 days old, the incidence of 98%, the mortality rate is 85%. As the age is growing, the mortality rate can be reduced, and the adult pigs are slightly sick, but very little death. The sow is more than a passage or subclinical infection, rarely die.
In recent years, the cause of pseudo fantasy is raised, I think there are few factors:

First, the pig farm pays attention to the pseudohave traveler, and the other is excessively believed in vaccine quality. Some venues use Bartha-K61 (Barcelona) “one-needle tube life”, only in the 70-day age, nor to implement nose, causing fattening pig infection, reserve pig GE positive into the production group. The third is to raise 300 ~ 400 pounds of “cattle” pigs, and there is no pseudo-flexible travele in 3 ~ 4 months, leading to “cattle” pigs. Fourth, the pig farm is ineffective, mouse spread pseudo madman.

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Now that the pig farm pseudo-raw positive rate is high, but as long as it is immunized, good feeding management, the production indicator will be good! The key is that the site cannot let the pseudo-flexural field Enter the trigeminal neuronus of the brain, once in trigeminal neural tuning, only lifetime is poisoned, and you can’t let the pseudo-raw madrhosis enters the gatocsubles, because the pseudohadia neutralizing antibody is unable to break through the blood brain barrier and can’t break the blood. barrier. Therefore, pseudo-raw fang positive farms must use pseudo-raw boars.

A pig farm with a pseudogly fake traveler GE, we can take the immune frequency of pseudohadia vaccines, live seedlings and inactivated seedlings, reduce the live pig strain; Piglet Pseudostel Dumble Racing Nasal Or Episode Immunity, 56 days old inactivated seedling muscle injection, 100-day-old acting seedling muscle injection; combined with early weaned and two-point feeding process, it can produce a pseudo-raw coil positive piglet with a pseudo ram positive sow. The prerequisite for this is The reserved pig must take a negative GE to detect negative into the production group, and gradually reduce the positive ratio of the pigs until the final purification of the fake travele.

First, the main symptoms and precautions of PRV in the pig farm

1, the rear bonded sow

After the sow is infected with a false rabies, it is mainly manifested as a reserve sow. Emotion is abnormal, very few other clinical symptoms. However, after introducing a reserve mother pig with a pseudohadia wild poison, if the pig farm pseudohadia immune is a vulnerability, it is possible to introduce a mother in 15 days, and the pig farm will produce unstable phenomena. It is mainly manifested as a cough, partial fever, and severely infected with pig lung disease, infectious pleural pneumonia and acute death. Sudden death phenomenon of unknown pigs in some pig farms. Other pigs rarely see clinical symptoms. Therefore, when introducing the backup sow, the monitoring of pseudo-raw wilder toxia is the primary work to prevent pseudohaves.
2, after the sow of the sow

During the infection of pseudohadia field, the sow in the pregnant pigs is mainly manifested, and the sows in each stage will have a miscarriage. However, the time in abortion is about 21 days pregnant, pregnant 70-90 days. For about 21 days, there is no fever symptom in front of abortion, so there is a case where the food is significantly changed before and after abortion; the sow of abortion in 40-90 days, there is a short fever before abortion The performance, the amount of feeding will also have a significant decline, and even 2-3 days, after abortion, the feeding capacity will return to normal.

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The pig farm with a pseudorant wilderness was carried by the mother pig, and the sow often rarely saw the obvious miscarriage, but it would be high in the proportion of death tires. The author has followed the scale pig farm between 30-80% of the mother-in-life pig pseudo-raw mobilly antibody, almost no flow of pigThe report of the production, but the phenomenon of death and death is relatively serious. 3.jpg

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3, production piglets

Production pigs often see the group, the whole nest is weak, the serious person is in the body, the bed is far from The phenomenon such as water, muscle spasm, at this time, everyone is easier to judge as a pseudoal traveler. In fact, the individual of the piglets is large, the limbs are weak, suddenly death, the role of pseudo-trail infection is also ignored. Especially cases of disadvantageous joint skin damage, you often think that piglet wound is infected with streptococcus, causing the joint swelling, standing. The author carefully observed that more cases were the original infection of pseudo fans in piglets, and because the infection of the pseudohadia made the piglets. In the process of striving to stand up, the skin is damaged, so that the back is infected with streptococci is not the key , The key is to cause the source of skin trauma in the joint, we need to carefully analyze, treat them separately.

4, the preservation of piglets

The preservation stage is the main pathogenesis of pseudohaves in the pig farm, and the symptoms are mainly characterized by:

(1) Nothing in the immune procedure Under the premise of change, the onset time is very determined, mainly in 45-55 days, concentrated on illness, the same pig farm, different batch of conservation pigs, the initial pathogenesis does not exceed 3 days. (2) Epidemiology, mainly showing the disease, 3-5 days old, a pig group, the whole group is increasing, it is difficult to see the pigs that do not sickness;

(3) The expression of clinical symptoms, fever, depression, and loss of appetite. With no secondary infection, its body temperature is about 41 ° C, the overall sleeping state, the food is rapid, and the amount of drinking water is also significantly decreased, and the cough is obvious.

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The proportion of pigs in the tract of pigs is very rare in secondary infection, but cough symptoms are very common, serious or obvious gasp.

(5) Due to the high rate of incidence during the incidence, different pig farms passed different treatment methods, and their mortality is different, so many pig farms are easily misdiagnosed as high-fever, blue ear disease and other diseases.

5, fattening pig

The main clinical manifestations are group cough, partial gasping, gain, partial stiff pig, eye smell, individual pigs only died in the second infection. Of course, the above-like reasons are also feeding mildew, and the feed heavy metal exceeds the standard, so the specific situation requires careful analysis and takes the difference. Second, laboratory detection

It can be seen from the above case that the infection of pig farm pseudo-travelers is more common, it is worthwhile.

Compare the test results of laboratory pseudo-raw wilder toxic antibody detection results in vaccine found that immunization of pseudohadia vaccines can interfere with the detection ratio of pseudo-mounted wild toxic antibodies. At a very high swine group of the pseudo-mounted mounted antibody detection rate, the blood passed by double immunocetal rabies, blood collection after 3 days, 7 days later, compared the two test results, there is no significant change in pseudo-raw wilder toxic antibody in 3 days. However, after 7 days, the positive detection rate of pseudo-raw wilder toxic antibodies was found to be almost zero.

Therefore, when we detect a pseudohadia-like antibody to evaluate whether the pig group is infected with a pseudorant field, we must fully consider it, the vaccine immunization on the interference of the test results, otherwise it is easy to take laboratory testing. Contrary to the clinical actual symptoms. Third, emergency immunization methods and precautions

Pseudohadies’ clinical treatment, different experiences have different experiences. Long-term trials have found that clinical symptoms can be eliminated by double the pseudohadia vaccine. However, in an emergency vaccination of pseudohadia vaccine, it has been used to have a painful failure experience. I will now introduce the following:

(1) The selection of vaccines is critical. When doing emergency epidemic prevention, only the vaccine of aqueous adjuvant can be selected (?).
(2) vaccination antigenThe dose must be sufficient, the antigen content is high, and 1-2, but the antigen content is low, and the number of antigen content needs to be appropriately increased, and how much is the specific one, not introduced here.

(3) When it is determined that the piglet is a pseudoal traveler, if the mother-in-law milk is not large, it can immediately inject pseudohadia vaccines immediately, and there is no need to control secondary infection.

(4) The treatment of pigs in the conservation must first control secondary infection, then immunized pseudohadia vaccine.
(5) Feed Drugs Adding + Sulfonama Necessary

Fourth, Clinical Prevention Methods and Precautions

In the process of visiting the pig farm, the pseudorant The survey was investigated, and there were several cases:

1, pig immunization

(1) Pig 2 times a year, 1 month before the birth 1 month .

(2) Immunization prior to breeding of mother preparation pigs, other pigs per year 3 times.

(3) Immunization prior to breeding of the reserve sow, other pigs immunized 4 times a year.
2, commodity pig immunity

(1) Born within 3 days, dripping nose, 70 days and age.

(2) Nasal nasal in 24 hours, 50 days of age, three free, three free

(3) Born in the age of 3 days, 40 days of age.

(4) Born 3 days old muscle injection, 40 days of age, 100 days free.

1. The choice of vaccines is critical.
2, the determination of the number of immunohist meters can determine the number of immune heads of different pigs according to different vaccine manufacturers.
3, different types of vaccines have a difference in immunization, must reasonably avoid mutual interference, otherwise it is very easy to cause immunity failure.

Fifth, a pig farm pseudohad dog recommendation purification scheme

Clinically, the author recommends that the living seedlings and inactivating seedlings are used in combination. The characteristics of the living seedlings can quickly stimulate the immunization of cellular immunity and body fluids, and the immunity is maintained for a long time. It can prevent the death of piglets and sow. Can be used for porkAnd inactivating seedlings can increase the mother’s antibody titer, which can be used in the tire immunity for one month before.

Second, pay attention to selecting the appropriate vaccination: muscle injection, nasal vaccination

Nasal vaccination:

can avoid the interference of the mother’s antibody

as soon as possible Cell immunity

Reduce the emission of positive pig pseudo-rabies

Nasal vaccination cutting experimental attack catharsis
virus emissions

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A suitable immunization time again

The whole population must be immunized

sow, each year is 3-4 times a year, easy to manage, pig group immunity The force is consistent; the backup male sows are immunized twice before entering the pigs.

Simple introduction of the pseudorant of the pig farm pseudohadia is as follows:

1. All pigs include pigs, and the unified boar is: 3, 6, 9, December The end of the month or immunization in the month.

Second, piglets 1 day old nasal immunization (first exemption), 42-56 days, 100 days free of age.

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Third, before the introduction, the pigs must be detected by pseudo-raw wilder toxicity, and the pseudo-raw madrotic antibody is found to be introduced. Four, for the choice of pseudohadia vaccine and immunotid dose, it is necessary to make a choice under experience in professional veterinary guidance, combined with laboratory, clinical examination results, and finally determined.

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