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Dairy breast inflammation has always been the focus of the industry, how to prevent more effective is also the issue of the industry, and the following micelles will talk to you with the personal practice of pasture management. How to prevent milk cows breastfections more effective.
First and everyone look at the causes of breastitis:
Most of the breast inflammation is due to the infection caused by the external pathogen by the nipple hole into the entire mammary gland, which will directly act on the breast, make the breast Blocked, shrinking, even stopping working, affecting the normal lactation function of the breast gland, and it is conceivable that milk production is such a pathogen “stealing”.
So, how did the pathogens entered the mammary gland inside? This problem stems from Europe in Europe, then the dairy breeding has not formed a scale, many cows are hand-milled, and the breast health problem is not People pay attention. With the gradual increase in scale, the milking machine also has been used in the application, and at this time, the problem has a high trend! People have begun to pay attention to the health of the milk cows, some people find the use Milk milk milking and breast inflammation have a close relationship. After a period of observation and research, I finally discovered the secrets of this. It turned out that dairy cows are in the entire process of milking, the milking machine is prone to leakage when combined with the outer periphery of the nipple, and the cup group will take the outer circumference of the nipple (nipple skin, the inner wall of the nipple) when leaking. The pathogen is inhaled into the collilifier, and the pathogens are pressed into the lateral mastoid as strong milk flow, resulting in infection of the opposite mammary gland. After repeated trial, people find this situation, like errors, can never be eliminated, and can only be minimized.
Good Comfort Management
Creating a comfortable living space for cows, not only effectively controlling breast inflammation, but also playing active role in improving dry matter feeding capacity, hoof disease prevention, postpartum disease.
Do you make each milking class, completely clean the cows, flat loose bedding, regular maintenance of sports field? Do you often give you a breast and rear drive to make a score? If still No, it must be active from now on!
Comfortable beds, cleansing cattle aisle can effectively improve dairy breast hygiene, allowing milking people to easily treat nipples to clean, reduce the chance of pathogens infected with breast.
We tend to see such a bad practice in some pastures — The pasture is rinsed with water to improve cattle sanitation. The original intention of this approach is good, in order to clean the breast, reduce breastitis. However, we think that there is no, can Water rushing can clean the breast? The pathogens in the environment have no hole after the water, those who have no clean water with the breast fur will enter the milk cup, these water drops are really clean? ?
So, the only effective measures to improve cattle sanitary hygiene are to strengthen cow comfort.
Regular maintenance of milking equipment
A normal operation of milking equipment is the guarantee of cows breast health.
We often emphasize that the milk cup cup lining 2500 forced replacement is? The rubber cup lining has been used for a long time. The cup lining will have a small crack, and a large number of pathogens are accumulated in these cracks, and it is difficult to clean by pipelines. Thoroughly cleared. These pathogens have milk nourishes every day, subjected to a test of the acid and alkali, which has already formed strong tolerance, and they entered the breasts.
Outside the milk lining, other rubber parts that are directly or indirectly in indirect contact with milk are regularly concerned to ensure each shift CIP cleaning effect. Keep good communication with equipment manufacturers, ensuring the vacuum of equipment, and the normal pulse frequency … Do not save money for milking equipment, these provinces are likely to become huge hidden dangers!
Correct dry milk treatment operation
The cow has a 60-day holiday every year. During our dairy vacation, we need to provide better health care for cows, and important one is dry milk treatment, and the correct dry milk operation is also the best time to treat breast inflammation.
Many pastures will choose to use anti-infective micro-ecological products – milk source treasure instead of antibiotics. Dairy is in the lactation period, there are some pathogens in the breast (these pathogens because the resistance of the dairy autoimmune system and the flow milking and the body are balanced), and they do not cause a pathogenesis). In this way, the chance of breastfeeding in the next lactation period will greatly increase, and must follow the sterile operation principle during dry milk to avoid the injection of the pathogen into the breast.
Finally, it is about the treatment of breastitis. After the disease is on onset, it should be isolated in time, and the dead cow is finally milking. It is recommended to eliminate the urine structure, optimize the structure of the cattle in the early production of milk.Less pasture losses.
Breastitis treatment is a problem in the whole industry, no one can be completely cured. The above precautions is easy to do, and can effectively control the disease of breast inflammation. Microcatoes remind everyone: Any “Ling Dan Miao Medicine” must be established on the basis of the above-mentioned preventive measures, any god doctor, and the medicine can not make up for the management!

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