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Reducing thermal stress is a key link in summer chickens. In production, in addition to taking heat-saving and cooling measures, it is necessary to use some feed additives that can reduce heat stress in addition to heat-saving management.

Vitamin Vitamin C is currently the most antipylation stress additives in the study at home and abroad, which can reduce death due to thermal stress, and improve product egg rate; vitamin E protect cell membrane to prevent oxidation and improvement The role of the body’s immunity, there is a certain effect on the prevention of thermal stability; B vitamin has a certain role in relieving thermal stress, improving growth rate, increasing the weight and egg production. At high temperatures, add 100 to 150 mg of vitamin C, which can significantly increase the thickness of the egg shell, reduce the shell egg, the shell egg, improve the egg shell color, and reduce the infection of bacteria; add 100 to each kilogram 300 mg of vitamin E, has anti-stress, anti-oxidation, promoting peripheral blood circulation, thereby reducing chicken stress sensitivity. Veterinary drug agent 1866.TV

bacillus peptide is a thermal stress, a thermal suction agent having a good application effect, adding 100 mg of pylori peptide from 100 mg of the hen per kilogram of diet in a high temperature environment of 34 ° C. Increased 5.4%, and the feed utilization increased by 5.8%.
Xiaobu hits 即 sodium hydrogencarbonate, with bonnet acid and regulates blood acid base balance. Add 0.3% to 1% in the diet, or add 0.1% to 0.2% of small soda in drinking water, which can significantly reduce the heat stress of the chicken body.

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