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Feeding owners have reached the need to prevent some fattened infectious diseases!
But many netizens often ask how to do their dogs to complete the vaccination injection?
This includes a lot Learn!
Generally, some of the vaccine injection tables online is mostly a healthy growth of the puppy with a healthy growth of the puppies, and if the owner is bought, it is the insufficient mother of the mother. What about immune function defective puppies? Or the original dog owner has malicious deceived consumers to complete the vaccine! What should I do if the feeder is?
I will recommend that unless you and the seller is very familiar, I know the seller. Otherwise, after bringing the dog home, please let the dog familiar with the new environment (about 7-10 days) to find a trustworthy pet hospital to make a dog basic medical examination (including the feces to determine if there is a vanity, listen Hear the heartbeat and gastrointestinal sound to determine the heart and gastrointestinal function of OK, the amount of body temperature, and slightly see a five-day view) and re-develop a vaccine defense watch!
If your dog is If you go home in two months, please take a complete injection of three-pin six-in-one and a hi-rabies vaccine. If your dog is over four months to the forage home, as long as the injection of two needles six joints, a hi-rabies vaccine Completion of the first year of the puppy Previous year:
1, it is best to complete the inquiral insects before the vaccination;
2, keep in mind the after-year vaccination period to facilitate the next year’s vaccination;
3, if the feedstore is a mother dog, but also in the idiological period, please inject the vaccine after estringes;
4, if the feeder is preparing to give the bred breeding, please give the bred blending ahead of the blending Completion of vaccine injections!
The following is a few places that should be paid attention to injecting vaccines. Please refer to:
Whether you should observe if you love dogs is good, it is best to have a plentiful, such as sick, nutrition Once the disorder, etc. should not be injected.
Pay attention to vaccines and select reliable brands.
Please sign the opening hospital, the veterinarians in the health manual, indicate the type of vaccine.
2-3 weeks after the injection can produce the resistance of the resistance. In this time, take care of and ban bath and avoid the cold. If there is discomfort, it should be sent to medical treatment.
Additional vitamins (especially folic acid) should be provided after the injectionAnd pantothenic acid).
Factors in dogs prevent injection effects:
1 dog is only immune system.
2 latent infection or complications.
3 dogs are only in good condition (if there is a parasites).
4 injection timing is wrong.
5 Failure to follow.
Other pressing (bath, cold, etc.).
After the vaccine is injected, it must achieve full immunity 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, the love dog must avoid the following situation (such as replacement the environment, changing food, bathing, intense exercise, sick dog contact, Long-distance transportation or integer surgery, etc.) and pay special attention to changes in the climate.
Any puppy should receive prevention injection, with a dog anti-retrieval heat (dog plague, measles), dog infectious hepatitis, rabies, infectious gastroenteritis, dog hook-end spiral disease (dog typhoid fever) Infectious diseases, livestock owners should carry this prevention work with livestock hospitals presided over to reliable and vulnerable veterinary drugs, and accept some suggestions provided by colored veterinary practitioners, regular pre- to replenish injection, Make sure your dog’s life is safe. At the same time, the physician will give you a type of time to prevent injection and time.
Vaccine Injection Time Reference Table
A Program: (For puppies for puppy puppies)
Dogs: 3 ~ 4 weeks old injection injection type: DHL
dog Zhouling: 6 ~ 7 weeks of age injection injection type: DHL + CPV
Di-length: 9 ~ 10 weeks old injection injection type: DHL + CPV
Dogs Zhouling: 12 ~ 13 Certain age injection injection type: DHL + CPV
Di-length: 14 ~ 15 Weekling Injection Needle Category: DHLCPV + Rabies
Note: ※ DHL – Dogs, dog infectious hepatitis, dog hook spirals
※ CPV- Viral hemorrhagic enteritis
※ Rabies – rabies
B Program: (for general normal dog)
Dogs: 6 ~ 7 weeks old injection injection type: Six vaccine
dog Zhouling: 10 ~ 11 weeks of age injection needle type: Six vaccine
Dog Zhouling: 14 ~ 15 weeks old injection injection species: Six vaccine + rabies vaccine (or commonly known as seven seedlings)
Note: ※ Six seedlings are prevention (canine disease, infectious hepatitis, adenovirus, pair flu, hook spiral, Small virus)
※ Other precautions: injection vaccine is not necessarily to be injected with the same brand!
Newborn puppies are antibodies from the mother’s milk, but when the antibody will gradually resolve after six weeks, so it should Prevent injections were placed next time.
Every four consecutive times will be three consecutive times, and it will be protected every year. The bitch should be immunized before educational.
Domestic seven seedlings: pair flu, infectious hepatitis, fine virus, coronavirus, enteritis, canine Heat, infectious hepatitis
Intelzi seven seedlings, dog fine virus disease, dog infectious hepatitis, dog deposit, canine glase disease type II and dog spiral diseases, rabies
Haibole Seven Jianci Dog, Dog, Small Virus, Dog Infectious Hepatitis, Dog Pass, Dog Gonnectic Virus II and Dog Spirit Diseases, Rabies
Victs Seven Mysteria: Dogs, Dogs , Dog infectious hepatitis, dog deposit, canine glazing type II and dog-like spiral diseases, rabies can be vaccinated after the age of 50 days of age.
If you choose to import six submarine, it is continuously injected 3 times, 4 weeks or 1 month each time; if the puppies have reached 3 months (including adult dogs), they can be continuously inoculated twice, each interval 4 weeks or 1 month; after this, the imported six seedlings were vaccinated every year.
If you choose a domestic five-year seedlings, from weaned * (the average 45-day milk of the puppies) continuously injected the vaccine 3 times, 2 weeks per interval; Since then, in a semi-annual vaccination, 1 domestic five-year seedlings.
The first puppies 6 weeks old injection of two puppies;
Second puppies 8-9 week old injection dog six seedlings;
Third puppies 12 weeks of age injection dog Six submarine; in the future, the dog seven seedlings must be injected once every year.
It must be noted that the weekly or extended interval date of immunization may not be changed, and the number of vaccination is reduced, otherwise it will inevitably affect immunity.
Furthermore, 2 weeks after the dog completed the immunization plan, it can achieve strong immunity, so don’t take a dog out of dogs orTour and other dog contact rating

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