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The incidence of pseudohadia in some farms has recently shown this.
According to the random sampling detection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the random sampling test made in the national pig farm: last year’s porcine and the incidence of pseudohaves and blue vessels show significantly. Some farms do not have the conditions for testing, how should I identify the diagnosis?
The pig fakes are an acute infectious disease caused by pseudohavirosis.

1. Infectious source

sick pig, abortion fetus and dead fetus, recessive infection pigs, and poisonous rats are pseudoal travelers Infectious source.

2. The spread of sick pigs and healthy pigs can mainly be transmitted through digestive tract and respiratory tract, infected by suction of poisoned foam or contaminated feed;

Burban semen can spread virus;

pregnant sows infect pigs through placenta, breastfeeding pigs infected with pigs.
3. Easy pig groups

all ages, stages of pigs can be infected.

The smaller the age, the higher the casualty rate.
Second, clinical symptoms

1. Piglets and fattening pigs:

The body temperature rose to 40 ° C, there is a significant neurological symptom, the gait is unstable, the rotation, the rotation, Convulsions, eyelid swelling, post-plane spit white, limbs sliding such as swimming;

hind limbs paralysis or paralysis, some limbs paralyze presented split posture;

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Yellow yellow water is raw, vomiting symptoms;

Some infection occurs slightly heat or normal body temperature, spiritual depth, loss of appetite, cough, gasping, breathing difficulties.

2. Pregnant sow:

often occurs or difficult to breathe, the spirit is depressed, and there is a miscarriage, dead tires, and dead tires usually in late pregnancy.The tire is the main.

The sow is high or unsatisfactory, and the striped swelling or atrophy of the boar.


Typical symptoms of pseudorands: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, neurological symptoms, respiratory symptoms, sow breeding disorders.

Third, the examination of the disease

1. Submit bleeding, tonsil necrosis, accompanied by intra-oral and upper respiratory tract lymph node swelling bleeding;

2. Pulmonary blood, edema, Survey is common and bleeding inflammation, tracheal, bronchial inflammation, brown liquid;

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3. Liver, spleen, lung, kidney has a white necrosis of the cloud shape;


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4. Typical non-purulent encephalitis, cerebral hemorrhage, congestion, edema. 4, prevention measures

1. Time isolation or cleaning infection sources, reasonable disinfection and cutting pathways, and improves the immunity of pigs.

2. Reasonable and effective immunization

sow suggests that it is generally at least three times a year;

Piglets drilled in 3 days, 45 days of immunity, 80 days left and right Immunization once.
Note: Under equivalents, pseudohadia has superior immunity than muscle injection, but if the operation is not in place, it is recommended to inject muscle injection.
3. The disease is mainly prevention, supplemented by treatment.

Antibiotic therapy is invalid, diagnosed with pseudohadia emergency vaccination is the best.

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