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First, the tongue: healthy cattle is cleaned, smooth, rich in elasticity: the eyes are bright, flexible, clean and humid: oral mucosa is red, the tongue is flexible, the tongue is normal, no odor. If you see the cattle eye, the eye is accumulated, the tongue is thick, the mouth is odor, the tongue mucous membrane is blue, the cow has a serious malnutrition, which is not shine, and can suspect a parasitic infection such as hepatochioma.
Second, see the dynamics:
Healthy cattle no matter the food or rest, often gathered together: Take a half-side lying position when resting: People stand close to immediately. When the cattle is feeding, I don’t want to stand up, I’m happy, there are various abnormal postures, and it is difficult to get up when driving.
Third, look at the nose:
Healthy bullovers wet and hang a fine sweat, and the hand feels cool. If the snirror cracks, the cattle system is infected and the disease is generally long, and sustained highly hot diseases are infected, more common in lungs, typia and viral disease infections.
Four, see rution:
Healthy cattle normally ruminant after seating. Dishing 6-10 times a day. Each time 30-60, the total time is 7-8 hours, the number of bovine is reduced or stop is one of the sick sickness. Common pre-stomach sluggish, flap blocked, true stomach disorders, traumatic gatter gastritis, drug gantrial microbial flour, disorders and a high thermal disease infection.
Five, watching the bovine ear:
Healthy cattle ears are often erected and flexible. The sick cowheet is the earlobe, the ear does not shake. Various thermal diseases and consumable diseases can be doubt.
Sixth, seeing the feces:
Healthy cow manure is in a “cylindrical”, no odor; urine is clear, colorless or yellow. Disease cattle drank or thick, urine yellow, less or blood.
Seven, check the number of breath:
Nominal breathing of cattle, 20-50 times of yak, 15-35 times / minute, adult cattle. The number of breathing is increased, seen in fever, respiratory organ disease, blood, heart disease, etc .; decreased breathing, seeing in certain brain diseases and death.
Eight, measurement temperature:
The normal body temperature of the cow is 37.5 degrees to 39.5 degrees, and it is slightly lower in the morning. Little noon. Winter is slightly lower, slightly higher in summer. It is more fever than normal body temperature, seeing some inflammation; lowIn normal body temperature, it is seen in large boss, poisoning and dying

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