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Most of this disease is the young rabbit after weaning, the stomach, the color is thick, the feces is hard or the jelly-like feces, the oral temperature of the disease is lowered, hidden, and touch the abdomen to feel the stomach highness, intestine Creep disappears, the blindness, the dissection can be seen, the dung is irregular, the blind intestines, the small intestines are mild bleeding, the intestines are filled with yellow or light red liquid, the stomach has black ulcer spots, liver congestion, The gallbladder is full, the lungs have dark red bleeding spots, and the disease is shorter, generally died within 2-3 days. Consultation QQ: 2627108897 The cause of the following points: 1, feed raw materials are mild mildew: corn, barley,, peanut cakes, etc. Mild mildew, use these raw materials to feed the rabbit, generally not immediately See the symptoms, when the rabbit eats 20-30 days, the symptoms will appear, the young rabbit has a blindness, the belly, the pregnant female rabbit is dead, abortion, etc., due to the intestinal, there is no, resulting in the intestinal flora disorder, Erguria outbreaks caused, resulting in acute death in rabbits. 2, feed nutrients are unreasonable: there are many rabbits that will not calculate the feed formula. I don’t know how high the nutrition is needed. How high rabbits need to be high, and they only think about it when they match the feed. Equipped feed nutrients are unreasonable. The rabbit, especially 3 pounds, is in the growth and development of high, greed, desperately feat, the weather is warm, once the external environment is low, the young rabbits are placed together, thus causing indigestion , Gastric food, expansion, blind intestinal, pulse, constipation, etc., thus causing the occurrence of this disease. The disease prevention should start from the two aspects of feed and management, strictly control the processing of feed raw materials and strictly prevent mildew and other processing into feed, ask experts or cultured experience to design a reasonable feed formula; to arrange reasonably Time and number of times. When the heat is hot in summer, he will feed it earlier in the morning. Be late in the afternoon; in the winter, you will be late in the morning, early feed early in the afternoon. Consultation QQ: 2627108897 Treatment: 1. For the mild mildew feed, the rabbit should be stopped, feeding, strengthening exercise, the symptoms are lighter, and the intestinal tract experts and strong scattered re-equipped vitamin B How much is used in size by the amount of the bunny. 2, gastric food, except for stopping exercise, delicious stomach and reunion 3 pieces + swing piece 3 tablets, oral 6 / day, 1-2 days, the gastric flavor can increase the amount of mulching tablets. 3, diarrhea, rospent, frozet, can be used in sulfamine methoxyDrugs such as sodium or acetylacetine injection, for rabbits, large rabbit LML, small rabbit, 1 time per day, 1-2 days. Consult QQ: 2627108897

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