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Skinitis is a disease common and easy to repeated in rabbits. The treatment value is not high. The following rabbit babysitter pre-mixing is roughly introduced.

What is rabbit foot soda, which is a manifestation of rabbit Staphylococcus infection. The cause is very simple, that is, the rabbit foot is broken, no rapid healing, causing Staphylococcus infection, why is it broken for a long time, the problem is also very simple, that is, the rabbit foot is caused, and the skin of the feet is infected. staphylococcus. The general accident makes the rabbit foot of the rabbit, which can be automatically healed. Why is the iron cage flooring is prone than the bamboo floor, because the iron cage is low, it will speed up its wear speed, before I mentioned that others say that they will automatically die automatically in the hot summer rabbit, and have a reasons why I have confirmed this , But will not be completely dead, there will be a lot of death, and the symptoms of the sickness will be a lot. Therefore, as long as you control the sickness, foot sodia almost does not exist. Consult QQ: 2627108897 is not difficult for treatment, no matter what extent, it is a small KISS! (I can’t affiriate to the internal organs, because it is not simple footfritish), generally less serious, use penicillin upgrade products, fluorbennette, all can cure, why not use penicillin, because Now rabbit Staphylococcus aureus has immunity, so it is almost invalid. Penicillin is a past type, and the sulfon is also in, I suggest that erythromycin is in combination with streptomycin, and the course of treatment is sufficient. In addition, the combined feet should be treated together, then there is no problem. As for very serious, rotten to the left, it must be amputated, according to the same treatment, it is absolutely no problem. olipanazole.jpg

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