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The rabbit is divided into a premixed material and a female rabbit premix according to the nutritional demand characteristics according to each stage.

The main characteristics of the composite premix of the rabbit: According to the rabbit weaner, it is developing in the bar stage to the bar stage, which is effective to prevent abdominal distension caused by coccidia, and can be effectively prevented due to disconnectation to 60 days. For the intestinal disease caused by E. coli, Salmonella, Wei’s Clostridia, etc., it can have a good prevention effect. After weaning the bunny, it can effectively improve the feed conversion, improve growth rate and hair, and save feed. lower the cost.

Master’s composite premix main characteristics: R & D according to the breeding characteristics of rabbit, for the fare, low emotion, low emotion, low rate, low rabbit semen quality, etc. To a good improvement, it plays a good preventive role in the rabbit breast inflammation, and rabbit yellow urine.

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Rabbit Multi Farewell Premix

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