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The temperature rises in spring, sufficient sunlight, is more suitable for rabbits, and is the best season for raising rabbits. However, the temperature of the north is unstable, the early spring green feed is lacking, and the moisture in the South will also have an adverse effect on rabbits. Pay attention to the following points in the spring feeding management.
Quality of the feed of feed
The first spring temperature is low, and the rabbit feed is mostly based on hay and stored root feed. Root stem feeds After a winter storage, some will toxin due to rot, mildew, so pay attention to feed quality, do not feed rot, mold, toxic feed. It is necessary to pay attention to feed quality to pregnant female rabbits and rabbits, requiring a full range of food nutrition, good material quality, and conduct rational modulation according to different characteristics of various feeds, is washed, cut, cooked, mixed, dry To enhance the right to feed, promote digestion and absorption. Feed to be quantified to prevent abortion of intestinal diseases and rabbits.
Pay attention to the transition of feed
to the end of the spring, the temperature rebound is very fast, and all kinds of grass and wild vegetables have gradually grown. The feed of rabbits is changed from hay to grass feed, and the appetite is increased, often caused by excessive gregarise. Therefore, the feeding amount of grass is gradually increased, so that the digestive function of rabbits is gradually adapted to the new feed conditions. If the feed suddenly changes, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal disease of rabbits. The rabbits of the change period should be given fresh and young green feed, and give feed with high protein content.
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