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Rabies (Rabies), Hydrophobia, commonly known as mad dog disease (Mad Canine Disease) is an acute direct contact infectious disease caused by people from rabies viruses (RV) and all warm blood animals. The clinical manifestations are extremely excited, dried, gossip and consciousness, and die due to local or whole body paralysis. Typical pathological changes are non-hydrazine encephalitis, and NEGRI Bodies can be seen in neurocytocytoker. The virus is sensitive to the disinfection of hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, new Jer, to Suer. 1% ~ 2% soap water, 43% ~ 70% alcohol, 0.01% iodine, acetone, diethyl ether can be inactivated. The virus is not warm; 50 ° C is heated for 15 min, 60 ° C min, 100 ° C 2 min, and ultraviolet irradiation can be inactivated, but the virus can be preserved for a long time in frozen or lyophilized state. In 50% glycerol buffer solution or 4 ° C for months to one year. People and various livestock and poultry have susceptibility to this disease. The propagation method of this disease is infected by the suffering (or strain) animal bite. When a healthy animal skin mucosa is damaged, infection is also possible to contact the saliva of the sickstock. It is also reported that the possibility of infection in the wilderness (via respiratory tract), has also been confirmed. The incurred period is not very short, and the number of viruses contained in saliva is related to the bite site (near the center nerve) and the number of viruses contained in saliva. The shortest 8 days, long can reach months or more than 1 year. The dog cat has an average of 20 ~ 60 days, and human is 30 ~ 60 days. Rabies is a strong infectious disease in human beast, mainly constitute a threat to people. It should be immediately culled with illnesses, should not be treated, the body must be burned or buried.

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