Raising daily precautions

timg (7).jpg The general joydi is very greedy. As long as it likes food and is sufficient, it will eating the sea to eat, at all, do not consider whether the stomach can withstand and digest, to ensure the happy Health, the daily dietary maintenance requires special attention. Even if I am very smart, it is still a pet dog after all, no matter how much it needs to care about it. In daily life, you must pay attention to some of the following things

  • First, Joyi puppies that have been weaned until the Marchian age, and the food to eat is soft. For example, the selected puppy dog ​​grain must be soaked in warm water, then give the puppies after stirring well with the dog powder. Note that all other hard foods will be eaten.
  • Second, the growth of the dog requires enough protein, vitamins, calcium and other nutrients. However, in the process of feeding, pay attention to these nutrients (such as calcium), there are some trace elements and mineral demands to meet the right amount. Because, too much or too little to the growth of Xi Youth, only the amount can ensure the health of the happy eating.
  • Third, there are many foods in life that are happy, this problem is that parents must pay attention. For example, the expired rotted food, spicy food, high salt content, cold and frozen food, etc. In addition, onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, curry powder, chocolate, ice cream, grape, raisins, sharp and small bones, etc., these can not eat. Therefore, it is best to understand this knowledge before preparing food to the dog, to ensure the safety of dog diet.

Feeding Xipi’s best, healthy food, should be professional dog food. Such as, dog food, dog, dog biscuit, etc. Of course, dog foods made according to professional dog recipes can also be eaten.

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