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The bunny is the basis of breeding rabbit groups, strengthens feeding management before maternal rabbit, effectively improves the survival rate of the rabbit.
First, 10-25 days before birth, keep the rabbit home quiet, strictly guard against random capture and scarbizes, and touch the fetal movement to light. The feed protein reaches 16% -18% in the feed protein.
Second, 5-10 days before the birth, the green feeding is increased in the case of ensuring protein nutrition.
Third, 2-3 days before the birth, reduce the fine feed, feed the green juicy feed, to prevent proteins, the female rabbit is sipped, causing the rabbit yellow urine. According to the herbiva of rabbits, farmers can collect resources, dandelions, purslanes, purple gerbera such as wild Chinese herbal medicine, which can effectively eliminate the hidden disease of the female rabbit itself, and purify Latex and eliminate infectious diseases. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Four days before the birth, put the poisonous production box into the cage, put the pad soft and clean the hay, and the female rabbit is pulled. If the rabbits are not pulled, it should be artificially pulled, and the poured can play a moisturizing and puzzle of the rabbit.

Five, when childbirth should be observed, after childbirth, check the rabbits to make a nest situation and the number of diet, eliminate dirt, to clean and drink water, prevent female rabbits from misunderstanding Let the rabbit eat the first milk.

Sixth, 1-3 days after childbirth, the appetite of the rabbit is poor, the body is weak, feeding the palatable green feed, less feeding. Check that the rabbit nest is normal, and the milk mother rabbits will make milk in time.

Seven, 5 days after childbirth, increase the feeding weight, so that the female rabbits are normal lactation.

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