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The beef cattle carcass is a cattle slaughtered, remove the head, skin, hooves The remainder of the blood and internal organs is the weight of the carcass. Generally speaking, the larger the body weight, the higher the meat. The size of the body weight has a close relationship with the amount of meat, so it has always used it as an index of the individual production performance of the beef cattle, and the good and bad of the individual body of the beef cattle, and even use it as a variety of standards. However, in the production practice of beef cattle, this indicator sometimes does not truly reflect the production level of the individual, more accurately, the body weight should be an embodiment of a production method, which reflects the high production efficiency. Therefore, the body weight is more than just a productive, but also an indicator of production level, which also reflects the marker of the advanced nature of the national beef cattle production.
2 Factors Affecting the body weight of the beef cattle
The body weight is an individual trait, but it is affected by many factors.
The first is a variety. The large variety of varieties of varieties are relatively large, for example, Simmental, Lisumin, and Charlota cattle are large varieties, and the body weight is large. Andes, Haiford and Japan and the cows are small and medium-sized varieties, and the body weight is relatively small.
Second is a breeding mode. The production direction of the beef cattle is producing meat, so the goal of pursuing is large. However, different production modes produce different results. In developed countries, from the yak to the column, you should pass the yak cultivation (about 5 ~ 6 months), the shelf cattle (about 5 ~ 6 months), concentrate more than 3 to 9 months) 3 processes, out The body weight is generally more than 600 kg, the slaughter rate is more than 55%, so the body weight is higher. Since my country’s beef cattle production system is still uncomfortable, the industrial chain is not perfect, the beef cattle who really implemented the full fattening of fattening in production, most of the cattle is directly slaughtered without fattening, so the exquisite is small, The slaughter rate is low, which is an important factor in the current weight loss of beef cattle in my country.
The third is the choice of fattening cattle outlet time. The determination of the outbound time is determined by the income, which is affected by the market, feed costs and meat breed.
The fourth is capitalThe Impact of Source Utilization. Due to the maximum use of resources, the idea is not universal, the farmer has quickly returned to the short-term interests, and many fattening farms sell slaughter in the absence of the cattle. Especially some “two traffickers” collected from the cow farmhouse, directly sent to the slaughterhouse for sale, resulting in great waste of beef cattle resources.
The end is the impact of the development model of the beef cattle. At present, the beef cattle slaughter and processing enterprises are keen to expand the production line, trying to form a monopoly operation, causing investment scale, serious start, in order to maintain the quality of the cattle, the big cow, the cow, the bull, and the cow will be full, so that the carcass The quality is uneven, it is difficult to form a fixed quality meat product.
3 Measures to improve the weight of the body
Bad beefa body weight is an important indicator of a national beef cattle production. At present, my country’s beef cattle industry needs to transform, and the transformation of production methods should change according to the market demand and future development direction. Therefore, the increase in weight is the sign of this shift.
First, the utilization of hybrid advantages should be actively carried out to form a special hybrid production technology system. Make full use of hybridization advantages between varieties, produce high-growth, high-tech cattle. The job that needs to be done is to determine the basic cow group used in each region to hybrid combination as soon as possible, and then select the reincarnation hybrid or terminal bull hybridization form, establish a long-term hybridization model, and then increase the body weight of the beef cattle from the perspective of genetic resources.
Second, improve the production process, implement the stage of raising mode, and vigorously promote the concentrated fattening. According to different ecological environment conditions, the appropriate fattening mode is selected. In the pastoral area, you can choose to grazing and add the feed to feed. The beef cattle fertilizer can be divided according to body weight, limited to 350 ~ 380 kg, less than this body, which is mainly based on the hormible stage, mainly based on crude feed, patterned protein feed (33% crude protein) 1 kg / d. The main purpose is to promote the development of bones, increase bone growth, and establish a good architecture for later muscle growth, so that the muscles have a large attachment space. More than 350 ~ 380 kg is planned to increase, the main purpose is to increase the amount of muscle amount and the content of the muscle, improve the meat. This stage is mainly used in high energy supplements (more than 75% of corn), and the amount is 1% to 1 body weight.5%, while reducing the amount of crude feed to make the abdominal fat distribution evenly, improve the quality of meat.
Third, determine the output time reasonably. The beef soy fattening column can generally be selected according to the factors such as fattening bulls, weight, market quotes. Its most basic principle is to have benefits, making a choice around profits, which is also a problem in current production practice. Fair or breeding companies cannot monitor feeding costs in time and cannot accurately calculate the price balance point. Therefore, it should be promoted to the production information recording system, strictly record the cost investment and output in the production process, and then calculate the sale price balance point in time, which is convenient for the operator to make a scientific outcome time.
Fourth, raising cattle is to raise the tumor stomach, feeding micro-ecological preparation yoyan-yang, group Kang 142, improve the rumen environment, improve rumen buffering ability, enhance the body’s immunity, improve feed utilization and daily weight, Improve production performance. Studies have shown that the enzymatic benefitabin, and the group Kang 142 can significantly improve the feed conversion of 5% to 10%, reduce the intestinal disease, and improve the weight of 5% to 10%, improve the meat, and increase the fat content between the muscle. Reduce subcutaneous fat content. It combines the latest research and development results of today’s nutritional micro-ecological, immunomy, anti-infective micro-ecology, is the safety, efficient, free resistance, no residual, non-polluting green biological functional additive for replacement antibiotics.
The time of development of the beef cattle industry is still not long, the production method is changing by the traditional quantitative amount of quality, in the premise of maintaining the number, the way to increase the amount of meat is to improve the weight, increase the individual meat . In the case where the current meat industrial situation is not optimistic, it should actively change the production method, improve the cultured technology, and the production process, extend the industry chain, so that the beef cattle resources are maximized, producing more quality and guaranteed beef cattle, Meet the needs of consumers.
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