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The fur animal, the dog teeth, the fox of the dog teeth, the digestive tract, the gastric volume is small, no blindstone, the food is fast through the digestive tract, and the amylase secreted by the digestion is small, the lipase is more, and therefore, its feed should be animal feed Mainly, especially animal protein feeds, should dominate in diet. Therefore, how to reasonably select and use animal protein feed, is a very important aspect of production management. According to actual production experience, the 518 farming technology network is simple to introduce as follows:
(1) Milk milk nutrients are rich, , High quality feed of fox. The fresh milk should be used after 15 minutes of heating at 70 ~ 80 ° C for 15 minutes. With whole milk powder, you should mix well in a small amount of warm water, then dilute 7 ~ 8 times with boiling water, fed within 2 hours after modulation, so as not to get a variety. The inorganic salt in the milk is rich, and the amount is not more than 20% of the diet, and excessive is easy to cause diarrhea.
(2) Eggs feeding the breeding period of the breeding period, the fox, the improvement of the genius quality, promote the secretion of the beast embryo development and milk, and improve the survival rate of the beast. The eggs must be cooked, otherwise the eggs contained in the egg will destroy the biotin in the feed, so that the dysplasia, foxes, plush falling off. “Foe egg” must also be cooked, gestational beast is avoided 2 ~ 3 shot of eggs, to prevent flowing and dead tires.
(3) Fish all kinds of margins and freshwater fish are one of the main sources of mulfur and fox animal proteins. Fresh sea fish contain more fat-soluble vitamins, all can be born; fresh fish heads, fish skeletons, fish, fish, etc., can also be born, good quality sea butter fish or meat. Some freshwater fish have a thiomerase, which can destroy the sulphicin in the feed, causing the lack of vitamin B1, loss of appetite, causing digestive function disorders, eventually died of gastroenteritis or gastric ulcer. Therefore, freshwater fish should be finished; river shrimp also contains a thiomerase, and it should be fed. Puffer fish, horse dolphin, etc. contain toxins, which is easy to cause poisoning. Long-term feeding of Ming Taishi (or excessive) can cause iron, fox deficiency anemia and fluff in cotton, pay attention to iron. Fish powder is widely used in the 貂, fox feed, can accounted for 60% to 80% of the animal feed, and if the fish is high, it must be soaked in water for more than 4 hours before use, soaking 2 to 3 times during immersion. The dry fish has less fat, which can be used with liver, fresh meat, milk, yeast, etc.
(4) MeatLivestock and poultry meat is a full-price protein feed for high nutritional value. Fresh meat should be born, but polluting, not fresh meat should be fed, using pox pork should be high temperature, high pressure, suitable for fish powder, rabbit head, rabbit skeleton, etc., and pay attention to supplement vitamin E and yeast. It is best to remove the fat, so as not to affect the 貂, fox suggestion and reproductive. Rabbit and birds can bring Bacillus, dog meat is easy to transmit, and should be used after heating. The meat treated with estrogen cannot be used, otherwise it will cause the 貂, the endocrine function of the fox, affect the rate of conception, the rate, and even the whole group. The sick and meat and source of sources and suspicious meat must be used by veterinarian testing or high temperature harmless treatment. The liver of livestock and poultry has a diarrhea, and it is not more than 50 grams per day. The blood of livestock and poultry should be treated high temperature, adding appropriate amounts from 10 to November (10% to 15% of animal feed in the sun), which can improve the quality of the plush. The stomach and lung of livestock and poultry should be removed before the pulmonary processing should remove the thyroid on both sides of the trachea. Head, rabbit skeleton and rabbit ears are used in reproductive periods and fertility, and birds should be fed. Blood powder can be used in combination with mulli or meat, fish by-products, no more than 25% of animal feed, and more prone to indigestion and diarrhea. In the feather powder, the sulfur amino acid is rich, and the spring and autumn replacement season feeding each 2 ~ 3 grams per day, which is advantageous for the growth and development of plush, and also reducing the role of 貂, fox biting and edible.
In short, during the feeding process of the 貂 and fox, 518 farmed technology network considers rationally selecting animal protein feed, correctly uses animal protein feed raw materials, reducing breeding cost, reducing the occurrence of disease, and improving breeding benefits. It is a very important way.

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