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Recently, the price of domestic inner spot corn has risen, in which Dalian corn main 1805 contract price is now in the past two years, with this time, domestic soybean meal, vegetable meal, barley, sorghum, fish powder, etc., the spot price is the overall performance of the spot price Strong, unusual raw materials in the market are abnormal. Through the survey, it was found that a large number of gray necrotics in the liver, spleen swelling, and the large number of large sizes, the surface, the surface, and the “liver disease” were also known as “liver white disease”. “. The disease mainly infringes young ducklings, leading to slow growth, phenomenon, yellow calories, cooking, enteri diarrhea for a diarrhea, late death, yellow liver is mainly, the meat is more than high phenomenon, severe reduced Farming benefits. The incidence rate was 30% -90%, and the mortality rate was 60% -80%. Most of the diseased ducks become a degradation.

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Clinical symptoms: sick duck spirit is depressed, dull, feathers fluffy, wings, and increased drinking water. Growing stagnation, yellowing, material feces or yellow green feces. Pathological changes: the disease of the dead duck in the past 7 days, the spleen is swollen, the surface can be seen, the surface can be seen, the size of the gray necrosis point; the kidney is large, the surface has a needle bleeding point and yellow white strips; pulmonary blood, edema, intestinal mucus Increased; most duck brain shell membrane bleeding. Duck, liver, spleen swollen after 7 days, sometimes nothing. Analysis: This disease is the possibility of metabolic disease or chronic poisoning. Feed grease oxidation, animal protein deterioration, mold toxin exceeds the standard, unusual raw material excessive factors, combined with environmental stress, and multi-factors lead to the onset. The young duck is small, the organ development is not perfect, the detoxification capacity is poor, due to the unconventional raw materials, the amount of mold toxin accumulating the liver is serious, even if there is no flower symptom, it will lead to two to three days later, How much is much meat, a high material ratio, increasing a cost of breeding. Controlling the liver of drums of drums: detoxification of liver, remove toxins, add Longchang bile acid to the feed. The first large function of the liver is to synthesize the bile, and the bile is sufficient is the basis for the normal liver function! When the toxins, parasites, drugs infringe on the liver, the liver first bile secretionReduce, insufficient, which will affect the normal play of other functions of the liver! Bile acid, is the main component of bile! Addition of exogenous bile acids, you can make up for the lack of bile, reduce the burden of the liver! Longchang bile acid, as an excretion, can effectively decompose endotoxin, promote the secretion of hepatocytes secretion, so that the biliary tract is smooth, eliminating bile sprinkles, and playing the gallbladder. Many drugs, heavy metals, mold toxins, and other harmful substances are also discharged from bile, thereby reducing the accumulation of toxins in the liver, minimizing liver burden, strengthening liver function, and treating pigeons. Longchang bile acid, as digestive solution, can promote fat and fat-soluble vitamin digestive absorption, improve fat utilization, make full use of nutrients in feed, improve animal growth performance, truly bile suggest – liver good – digestive absorption Good nutrition – high efficiency! The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source. Thank you

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