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When the rabbit feed is the most critical part of the rabbit, how to choose the rabbit feed, here I can be very responsible to tell the majority of rabbit friends, measuring the standard of feed quality is multifaceted, but one is the only one , That is, suitable for yourself is the best feed, and the cheapest feed! First, the restriction factor of the feed. There are many restrictive factors for feed, but I personally think that there are three aspects: a control of raw material links (varieties, harvesting, acquisition, storage), a production process (production equipment, manual, management, profit) Control, one is the control of circulation links (transportation, business personnel, agents). Second, the price of the feed. Due to the restriction factors of the feed, there is a high price of feed, and some feed prices are low. Of course, this is not lacking some people who have taken profits. But I am sure that big companies, big companies, large groups, or more responsible people, supervision is also relatively sound, and the credibility of the product is relatively high. They have regulations in the procurement, production, and circulation of raw materials, constrained. They generally determine profits, develop prices, relatively, and relatively fair. If you are a careful person, you will find that big companies, big companies, and big groups produced the price of feed, why is it to raise pig households? Part is transported (usually around + 100 ~ 150 yuan per ton), some are the agent’s cost (generally around + 100 ~ 200 yuan per ton), and there is also the company’s annual rebate (generally every Tons – 50 ~ 100 yuan or so). This looks at 10 ~ 15% of the cost of each ton of feed to farmhold. Therefore, I suggest that the average farmers can jointly open an account, and can also open an account with the cultivation of other animals (pigs, sheep, cows, etc.), which can reduce the intermediate circulation link, each reduced a middle link, decreases part of the fee, lowered Part of cultured costs. Tel: 0374-8136766 Third, the feed is good and bad. The quality of anything is related to people. I work in a regular enterprise (machinery industry), and the boss can’t figure out your company, unless the old is sick, because it is my own money, my own heart. The Large Lord is in the image, its own brand, his own business. The little old man is in the middle of the money. The people who work below is to make money. and soThe problem is there in the small boss. These little boss bulge, and the manufacturing opportunities for the law will always make money for themselves. The procurement of raw materials is not limited, especially the procurement of coarse feeds (the size of the crude feed is large, the value is low, the collection is difficult, the dry system is troublesome, the transportation is inconvenient, the storage is more difficult), the feed raw material is not limited, feed Quality detection of raw materials (water and water and sand plastic, etc.) is not. These are incapacitated hidden dangers for the production of feed. I personally believe that the quality of the pellet feed quality of large companies, big companies, and large groups is the main raw material, especially the protein content, including 95% of the feed ingredient, and we are more neglected to add 5% of the drug added ingredients and small Ingredients. I suggest that the majority of the rabbit’s friend has a reputable big feed factory, the company, the group produces the feed, not to be cheap, and listen to the feed of personal production, small workshop feed, these small workshops often fight in a certain A big rabbit factory has worked, how to test the effect, exaggerate the words, rock and crash, how to be good, especially how the protein content is high, how long is how fast, how is the fertilizer, I don’t know you How is the problem of rabbits? How is the problem? How to die, what is the problem? The key is 5%, do you understand? WeChat: 18236420397 Fourth, the choice of feed. Since the feed is good, the price of the feed is high, as our farmers, after choosing a feed, it is necessary to explore this kind of feed, and prevent the appropriate drug according to the feed effect. Don’t easily change, there is an abnormality in time and the surrounding farmers, if you have the same situation, you should immediately feedback to the company’s sales staff and technicians, even the old, seek help. If you only have a problem with your own rabbit, you have to consider the cause from prevention. Fifth, the use of feed. The feed is selected, how to use it? Hello! This is everyone know, but I have to emphasize, it is scientific feeding. What is scientific feeding? It is to control the occurrence of disease by controlling feeding. The young rabbit like the just woven is to take less food, and the rabbit is caused by the rabbit, and the increase in birth is gradually increased; for the fast-produced female rabbit Reduce the amount of feeding to the empty time after production, preventing the finager milk from being rabbited by the rabbit, can’t be born in time.Absorbs causing a cake, and as the increase in the amount of breast rabbit has gradually increased the amount of fare feeding (the standard is to eat when it is fed next time, everything is full of milk, You have to take care of it, slowly explore, don’t be troublesome) until the rabbit is open (usually the rabbit 22, 23 days) stop adding the amount of feeding, keep this feeding to the division, points After fonding the amount of feeding, the amount of feeding when the amount of empty, which is to control the occurrence of finazed breastitis and the occurrence of rabbit yellow urine. For pregnant female rabbits, it will gradually increase the amount of feeding with the increase in pregnancy, which will make the farewar’s love and give birth to a healthy and healthy starting line, don’t let the rabbit will lose this. The starting line. For long-distance transportation and close moving, it is more necessary to reduce feeding or even stopping, avoiding digestive system disorders caused by emergency. This is just a hypothesis in other situations, there are other constraints, this need to be pondered by everyone. Consult QQ: 2627108897 (863.6 KB, Downloads: 7)

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