Reasons and prevention of pigs

Pica, Allatriophagia is a pig, a pig, a licking, a biting, a biting.
Different reasons for inelliness, including: excessive feeding density, bite between the pigs, induce pigs. Many nutrient elements such as iron, copper, manganese, drill, sodium, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc., especially sodium lack, is a common cause of hometown. Certain proteins, amino acids, lack of VA and B, directly stimulate or produce toxins, intestinal consumable diseases, etc. cause stress, pigtail tip is dead, causing a bite.
(1) Strengthen feeding management, maintain suitable temperature, humidity, and fresh air in the house.
(2) Improve the monotonous environmental conditions, keep the environment quiet, prevent strong light, noise stimulation and thief wind invasion.
(3) Preventing the causes of different diseases, for different cases of preventive measures. Such as the feed ingredient analysis, lack of a certain substance, supplementing the lack of substances. Usually feed green feeding, actively treat primary diseases such as chronic gastrointestinal diseases, parasitic diseases, and some loess in the pig house, let pigs freely, to supplement trace elements.
(4) Pharmaceutical prevention: Recommended products pig stupid + Tianli quick repair
pig pig stupid: supplement nutrition, improve body resistance, exclude vomiting toxins in vivo, can improve the water of weaning pigs Effectively improve the amount of feeding, realize the “Fast” “Weaning”, improve the neatness of the fatal fertilizer stage, and reduce the incidence of Zambow.
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Usage and Dosage: 1. Weaned Pig Pig (15-20) Use 50 grams (1 bag), drinking water or moist mixing daily, Use 5-7 days.
2Pig (Silver Piglose Group of Sub-Health), the total weight of the pig is 150-200 pounds a bag (50 grams) per day, and it can be used for 20 days, drinking water or wet material.
Tianli quick complement:
1. Provide a balanced and comprehensive nutritional supplement for the pig farm – professional high efficiency resistance
2. Repair damaged garrison, accelerator metabolism – protect liver Kidney
3. Improve the “sub-health” situation
4. Improve the production and reproduction performance of pigs
5. Improve feed utilization, improve production efficiency
Drink: 4000 kg of water Add this 1 kg
mixed materials; 2000 kg feed plus 1 kg
1 pounds of 2 tons of water
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