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Decondal is a rectal mucosa, an anal tube rectal overall layer and partial ethyl colon to displace it down and take out an anus to reject any age in the anus, any season can occur, with more seasonal pigs, in the season The upper and winter is more common, and the gang of the pests affect pigs is seriously or even caused death.

The pig’s rectum is fixed in a complex mesh structure, so it does not take out due to the defecation under normal circumstances, but due to some diseases or physics, this support structure becomes weak or over-pressure. It will take precise.

When some pigs are large, some rectal mucosa can take advantage of it; sometimes the pig will happen when coughing.

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It can be speculated that this pig is very likely to occur when there is some induced factors.

Causes of rectal prolapse

The cause of rectal prolapse is complicated, so there are several reasons why:

1. Pathological reasons:

Severe inflammation caused by certain diseases, stimulating the rectal prolapse, some constipation caused by some diseases can continue to prolate, cough can cause increased abdominal pressure, thus occurring rectal prolapse, but very little due to diarrhea Rectal prolapse.

2, physical reasons:

The feeding density is large, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the pig house is cold, the pig is piled up, if the pig is cough, it is very vulnerable.

In the positioning column of large slope, when the sow is delivered, high-density transportation can cause an increase in abdominal pressure, while rectal extraction.
3, Feed Cause:

Multiple mildew in the feed, mold toxins in the feed result in rectal swelling to cause degrease theut;

Suddenly converted or feed crude fibers Too few, excessive crude feed, and the ingredients of calcium may cause the rectum to fall off.
4, genetics:

Close relatives will make genetic defects, and the incidence of the incidence is increased. There is too little moisture in the intestines, and the stool drying will also stimulate the rectum, resulting in falling off.
5, drug stimulation:

A drug can also cause the rectum edge swelling, and will also appear during high doses.
6, environmental reasons:

The ability of pig control body temperature is relatively poor, and body temperature is susceptible to a negative impact of environmental temperature changes.

Pigs with a slightly weaker body like a pile and anus as the only release path, and pigs with higher abdominal pressure are prone to ruthenia.

Artificial treatment

Can apply a penicillin with a phenycin with high-mangomycin, and then use the line to sew a circle around the anus, remember not Too tight, to leave space according to the size of the pig, facilitate the dirty feces of the pig.

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Reduces the stimulation of pigs to avoid feeding molded feed, feeding green feeding, reducing close proximity Preventing the anutue caused by the heat of the pig from being too cough due to the air quality causes, for the timely downtown old sow, it is timely supplemented back to the pig, enhance the amount of pig’s exercise, pay attention to the pig’s feeding density.

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