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1. Stress

The chicks that have just been out of the shell is not mature due to the development of the neutral temperature adjustment, and the environmental response to the outside world is very sensitive. When the external environment changes sharply, they cannot effectively adjust their body temperature, plus immunity. Low, causing the symptoms of digestive system, the discharged feces is different, causing paste.
2. After dehydration
Due to long-distance transportation or initial drinks, chick dehydration caused blood concentration, causing the kidney to be pale large, uric acid deposition. At this time, if a large amount of constant water containing no electrolyte is, the chick will have diarrhea due to high permeability, and the mucidal white thin manure is discharged, and the manure is adhered to the anal pulley causes paste, and the severe cases occur in water poisoning causes acute death.
3. High Sugar Content
In order to prevent chick from influence physiological activities due to loss of water, glucose, vitamins, and antibiotics are usually added to the primary drinking water, due to high concentration of glucose in drinking water or longer drinking time It causes the adhesion of the intestinal content to increase, and the excluded manure is adhered to the anus, causing paste. So the chicks and glucose time should not be too long.
4. Digestion
is the most common cause of maternity in chicks. The repleased chicken digestive organ is small, and the digestive function has not yet developed. If you use a higher feed with a coarse protein, it is easy to cause indigestion and latency.
5. Chicken Bai Duqi
This sick chick is characterized by a spirit, half a closed, sleeping sleep, sick chicken is cold, body curling, especially like to be piled up in the heat source, wings, the wings, the examination is visible The liver is large, and the gallbladder is full of bile, and there is a gray-white necrotic nodule in the myocardium, liver and pulmonary organs. The disease is dy, discharges white lime or with green brown dung, and the feces is dilated on the fluffs around the severity, and the screams are issued because there is pain in the defecation.
6. Chicken infectious richest cystic disease
Chicks infected this virus, grinding,, feet and skin pale, feather dirty is not neat, chicks and ribs, cut visible glands, mucosa Dirty death, sometimes there is bleeding point, small intestine full of gas, dy, yellow, orange or brown mucus. The feces adhere to the anus and paste the anus.
7. 肠 孤 病 感
Chicks infected this virus, growing,, feet and skin pale, feather dirty, neat, chicken tibia and rib malformation, examination visible glandsStomach swelling, mucous membrane necrosis, sometimes seeing bleeding points, small intestines filled with gas, dying, row, orange or brown mucus. The feces adhere to the anus and paste the anus.
8. Heroal
The imperial phenomenon is serious, can cause the anal inflammatory swelling, the duct is not smooth, and the bonding is bonded to cause paste. Disease chicken feathers are disabled or falling off, and there is a bloody or viscous blood on the feces.
9. Chicken diarrhea, confused
If white feces mainly consider Salmonella, if it is green feces, E. coli or enteritis is chosen, and the ceftria is selected.

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