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With the rapid development of animal husbandry in my country, modern feeding management is an inevitable trend of various large and medium-sized enterprises, and it is no exception to feeding meat chickens. During the production of meat seeds, there is often a phenomenon that is too fast after the peak rate is peak, resulting in an increase in the cost of seeds, causing very serious losses on the seed chicken farm, so only let the seeds in the egg period keep one More stable egg declines, can produce more qualified eggs. Let’s take a look at it: the cause of egg size decline in eggs and measures to prevent egg chickens.
1. Physiological characteristics of the egg chicken

Under normal conditions, the laying of the eggs of the egg chicken has certain regularity, according to the production of egg, can be divided into layout, production Egg peak period and postpartum layout. The pre-layout period was opened to an output to 80% of the egg yield, usually in 1 to 2 weeks, and the egg hooks were unregulated, and the egg morphology was abnormal, but the egg yield rate was rapidly. When the egg chicken egg yield is higher than 80% or more, it can reach more than 90% of the product of 2 to 3 weeks. It usually lasts 10 to 20 weeks, and the egg rate It can reach 97%. During the peak of the layout, the nutrition of the hen lay eggs increased rapidly, and it often rapidly consumed the nutritional reserves of the hen, causing the chicken. As the product is stable, when the yield rate falls to 80% or less, the peak of the layout is over. The post-egg period refers to the production rate of 80% or less to the chicken phase-out stage. The duration of the period is very short. The eggs of the eggs are rapidly decline, and the nutrients taken by the egg hooks are gradually transferred into the body reserve. There is fat deposition in the abdomen. Egg machine can be suppressed.
2, the cause of egg production decline

Individual factors. The advantages and disadvantage of egg chicken seedlings have a direct impact on the egg yaw rate of the egg chicken. Egg chicken seedlings purchased in some incoming hatching sites, the incubation quality cannot be guaranteed, and it is not known to provide egg source of chicken farm penetration and epidemic prevention. The feeding situation in the stage of breeding chickens is also related to the high low production rate, and the farmers do not pay attention to the feeding management of the seeds. The low-cost feed of nutritional levels is low, and the deaths of the chicken, and the overall uniformity of the chicken is The physical fitness is poor, and the body weight will result in the decline in birth, which has a great influence on the layout of the eggs in the future.
Feeding management factors. Feeding management situation for eggsThe egg yield rate of the chicken group has a great influence, and the feeding management often leads to a decline in the egg yuba. First, the daily feeding supply, poor feed quality, poor equipage, the lack of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and trace elements in the diet, will cause lack of intake of egg hook nutrients, resulting in decline in productivity; In place, the chicken house is poor, especially during the seasons, in order to close all vents in order to achieve the purpose of the insulation, harmful gas content such as ammonia gas, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, causing the occurrence of respiratory disease, resulting in production Egg rate drop. In the summer, the temperature is high, the humidity is large, such as ventilation, will cause the birth egg chicken, resulting in a decline in egg production. Suddenly power outage or change the original illumination time and light intensity, it also affects the amount of eggs. The ambient temperature is too low, and the chicken is cold caused by cold. The laying egg stops, the ambient temperature is too high, and the feeding volume of chicken is declining. Ingesting nutrients can not meet its needs, causing the layance of egg decline. When the environmental humidity is higher than 70% or less than 45%, there will be different degrees of impact on the amount of eggs of the chicken group. Especially in the hot summer, humidity hinders the heat dissipation of chicken. Veterinary drug agents

Diseases and control factors. Disease factors are also the main factors that lead to decline in eggs, some clinical common infectious diseases, parasitic diseases and nutrient diseases, can cause sudden decline in egg chicken egg production, such as chicken new city disease, infectious throat Toritis, Chicken Cholera, Salmonella, coccidia, etc. When the above disease is clinically treated, the application of the sulfonamide, antibiotics, hormones, etc., can inhibit the egg generator of the egg chicken. In addition, when immunizing the chicken group, the immune procedure adopted is unreasonable, causing the occurrence of immune adverse reactions, which will cause a decrease in product egg.
3, prevention and control measures

Do a good job. When selecting a variety, the variety of the local feeding conditions should be selected according to the actual situation. When purchasing a chicken seedlings, it is necessary to choose the formal, feeding management conditions, and have a hatcher or formal chicken farm with the production qualification of chicken. Change the concept, pay attention to the feeding management of the breeding and feeding, and the premiums must provide high-quality nutrients to cultivate high quality and robust chicks.

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