Recently, the chicken is often a disease – crown

Skin disease that is particularly prone to sumatocrit is crown. The crown is caused by fungal infection, this and disinfection, there is a big relationship. The crowned chickens across the crowns have occurred, mainly through contact spread. There is less in general scale and standardized chicken farms. During the process of breastfeeding, crown directly affects the beauty of chicken, has a big impact on the sales of chicken.

The occurrence of crown is a great relationship with mycotoxins. The schured chicken can say anything to eat, there is no needle in the feed, and the chickens eat moldy food. The mold toxin will accumulate in the body of the chicken, and the solar terms are strong and strong. , I have been reflected in the chicken for a long time. So crown is the most important embodiment of mold toxin.

The crown of chicken is not very serious, typical white scales and suede: as shown below

If the crown of chicken If the treatment is not timely It will result in a large area, which will seriously lead to the state of the whole cock in necrosis. As shown in the figure

Chicken friends must know that fungi belongs to a class of difficult diseases, most drugs are invalid to him, in the seasons and regions of humid rainy seasonings will usually be more serious Therefore, it is necessary to add the rodent in the feed, and it is best to lose it, not to feed chicken, so that the occurrence of fungal infection can be reduced. If the chicken occurs, it can be used with a colorful fungus, and the copper sulfate is sprayed by copper, and can be completely cured.

In summary, the crown and mold toxins caused by fungi infections have a big relationship. The crown is a phenomenon that has recently emerged in the longstone of the eagle, which seriously affects the sale of the earth.

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