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In the last 2 weeks, the rapid rise of eggs and eliminating the egg hooks quickly pulled the egg farmers in the losing land, and started a micro-profit. The egg hook market still gains, this time, some raise eggs. The chicken friends have begun to follow the temptation of the market, starting to make up, thinking about making the money next year, when this time is really right? The egg rose with the continuous rise in egg prices, stopped and changing the chicken seedlings, began to float, the price of the large factory, the price of the large factory has also risen to 3.6 yuan / feather, directly blocking the 10-piece hatching plan, local area Even if you can’t make a seedlings, you can understand the psychology of your money. After all, it is over half a year. However, what we want to think is, now the seedlings, can you earn money next year, although this is half a year More than about 20%, and many faucet companies expand, basically put production capacity, but now there is still no reflection, the following is the newly started egg farming project: 1. Zhengda Group Investment 500 million Construction of 3 million eggs, 2. Inner Mongolia Kinggou agriculture 10 million egg children’s breeding base project started 3. million people pig million feather egg chicken bonus breeding project settled in Baoji 4. Luoyang City intertwined 3 million feather Chicken Industry Park 5. Henan Luoning County launched 2.4 million eggs ecological breeding projects 6. Qiangqi poultry industry 10,000 egg chicken into the column of Mountain West 7. Deqingyuan and Haier financing company investment 130 million million egg chicken items 8 Xinjiang 29th group joint venture built 600,000 eductor farms 9. Xinjiang Ulansu investment of 10.5 million yuan, 60,000 feathers of the egg chicken, 59,800, 4.2 tons, according to the market prices 6.2 yuan calculation, supreme profit 16040 yuan. 10. Zhejiang Cixi Zhengda 1 million Egg Chicken Project is 270,000 Hailani Miao Yun, which is expected to produce the first egg in November. 11. Yunnan Yuxi’s farmhouse covers an area of ​​56 acres, farming the egg chicken, is the largest, advanced technology, the highest technology, the highest level of technology, the highest technology. 12. Huayu and Hailan cooperation, the first batch of 65 million US dollars has been in place. 13. Chifeng City: Million Green Eggs Demonstration Base Construction Project Settled 14. Million Egg Sheep Farm Office 14. Million Eggs Culture Project Falling Outputs Agricultural Reclamation Jianan Experimental Farm 15. New Hope Construction 3 million in Guangdong two years Egg homology and supporting feed factory 16. GuizhouRightening: Million Pattar Chicken Project Supplementary Agreement is now finalized 17. Shanxi Jinlong Group Jinhua livestorm products development Co., Ltd. all and millions of egg children’s breeding projects 18. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission issued Zhangzhou Wenshu farming Co., Ltd. Only the egg chicken standardized farm project 21. The first phase of the North Food Agricultural Eggs Industrial Demonstration Base Project is completed, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of egg liquid. 22.1 million 全 全 养 养 项目 项目 建 建 北京 北京 集 集 团 团 资 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 资 县 县 资 资 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目Wan Hailailan gray egg chicken officially signed a contract 25. Tianjin Guangyuan 1 million egg children breeding and two 4400 sow project signed a contract 26: Fujian Daily: Fujian Provincial Single Sowing Size Miggest Chicken Breeding Base Investigating Investigated Recently, Changtai County Hongson livestock and poultry breeding base was put into production. The company introduced 100,000 feathers of chicken seedlings, 8 production lines were all started, and it was expected to produce eggs in October. According to reports, all completion will become the largest standardized egg cultured base in the single range of the province. According to the leader of the project, the company introduces the automatic egg cultural equipment of BigDutchman, Germany, using the international advanced intelligent computer management system to achieve temperature, ventilation, feed supply, egg collection, chicken manure cleaning delivery, automatic control and regulation, All production data is transmitted to the computer and mobile app over the network, and the remote control Hongson’s live-action base project is located in Shangcai Village, Yingsi Town, with a total construction area of ​​63,100 square meters. After completion, the total storage column can reach 1.2 million Feather, annual production of 18,000 tons, annual production of 18,000 tons, with an annual output value of nearly 200 million yuan. Regardless of the replenishment, wait and see is good, farmers want to have more competitive advantages over the above leaders, whether cost control, or geographical advantages, or turn to egg futures or cooperate with egg products, I have to think about it, otherwise I am still forced to go sooner or later. The density feed of the Shandong Province is well, and the US Group was established on May 16, 2004, dedicated to the professional, norms and high-tech of the feed industry, through high-tech products andThe system’s service capability is the basis for creating value for users, developing a new functional egg chicken premix product and the US farming model, and obtains a number of national invention patents and is approved by customers. Pay attention to WeChat public account: livestock and poultry farming, understand more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: Tel: 15853106958QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958

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