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The front stage of the reserve sow, refers to the pre-rated pig farm can be sold to the outside, or the stage of retention of mother pigs and other pig population, generally before 60-70 kg; this is Many pig farms are easily overlooked, and the impact on future reproductive performance is also very large.

The first is the growth rate; we all know that the resell of mother pigs is favorable in the previous stage of breeding, and the breeding performance is limited to future reproductive performance, but it refers to the normal development of the previous development; if the previous growth is slow, the previous period Continue to use restrictions, but not only the reproductive performance is unfavorable, and the phenomenon of sows will be unfavorable, leading to a decline in lifelong reproduction; so, the front-bonded pork must grow the speed, reach the normal growth standard; China’s rural areas There is a statement that the head mother pigs cannot be deprac ransel, because the pigs in the pigs in the head sow are small, and the growth rate caused by sow sow is slow. Personally, for long-term-breeding of long-white or large white series pigs, 70 kg of age should not exceed 120 days, reaching 90 kg is no more than 150 days.

Secondly, it is a early division; relative to boars and pig pigs, sows have always been vulnerable groups. If it is a mixed group, the sow is in food, lying lying, etc., will fall behind other pigs, and onset The chance is also much higher than other pigs; this is unfavorable to reserve sows; people in the far farm will find such phenomena, when the mixed group is breed, the proportion of purebred sows die is the greatest, and the sow is more In the boars and pigs; the various conditions for the preparation of the reserve sows will be improved, which is beneficial to growth and development.
The third is an epidemic prevention; the reserve mother pig is different from the merchandise soy sauce, and it will not be sold in June. It is necessary to pay for a few years; if some disease occurs, the value will be lost; Therefore, some fattening pigs can not be injected, but the rearing sows are must be injected, such as myocardial pneumonia vaccine, atrophic rhinitis vaccine, etc.

The fourth is the protection of important parts, such as Tobet, after the piglet is born, in the small sore abdomenPack the nipple, which is the effective protection of the nipple.

If you make an alteration, the excellent youth and the prodigal of our human beings are not born, but there is a difference in cultivation in a child; the reserve sow is also this.
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