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The effect of exercise is very large, and the exercise can promote health. Movement can promote blood circulation. Movement can also make full body muscles more balanced, and sports can also guarantee the limbs. The hoof is developed normally.

But in production, it is difficult to grasp how to exercise under existing production conditions, how much exercise is much suitable; here involve many details, it is difficult to do.
In the past, the pigs were raised, and the rearing sows were basically stocked. The pigs can walk outside; due to the poor feed conditions, pigs are unsatisfactory, on the basis of normal feeding, they need to come outside The process of food, foraging is effective exercise, the amount of exercise per day is very big; but now, it is now raising a sow, basically in the circle, and in order to save construction costs, the ground area occupied by each sow is very Small, there is not enough ground activity, the amount of exercise is small; especially some pig farm surfaces calculate the ground area, excrete the tank and the manure, and it is more difficult to move.
Therefore, if the pig is free to move in the circle, there must be sufficient movable area, remove the tank and insurgents, no less than 1 square meter per sow; so as to the tank and feces The area of ​​urine is required, and it needs to be calculated by the relevant personnel.

If the rear preparation of the pig house is insufficient, it will need to perform the movement of the house; the effect of the moving movement is far better than the exercise, but it requires a lot of manpower; It also accepts the stimulus of illumination and mixed groups, which is advantageous for the estrus of the rear sow.
Don’t underestimate the exercise, if you are, the sow body will be significantly enhanced, and the proportion of difficult production is reduced. The available years of sows will also be extended.
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