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The boar’s stimuli has a great influence on the development of the reproductive organ of the rear mother sow, which can promote the development of the reproductive organs, so that the sow will enter the early relationship period; but the boar’s stimulation has many needs. Detail of attention.

The first is that the pig’s sexual desire is weak, and the stimulus of sexual desire is good. It is weak to the thrilling effect; many pig farms will be used to stimulate the estrus of the sow, often there should be no The effect; if the sex wants to be close to the pig, then there is no effect.

Secondly, it is in the way, and the body contact will also have a great impact; look at the effect of a eye, it is much worse than the body contact; so it is necessary to let the pig contacts as much as possible.
The third is the proportion of boars and sows. If it is a boar, the number of sows is large, and the number of sows is poor.
The fourth is the contact time, each contact time should not be less than 15 minutes.

The fifth is the contact location, and the boar is rushing to the sow and the effect of driving the sows. If the boar is rushing to the sow, the boar needs to adapt the environment. Time, sex will be weakened; if the sow rushes to the boarstown, in addition to the boar, there is also the smell of the boar to stimulate the sow, the effect will be better.

Because the popularity of artificial insemination, many pig farms do not have enough boars to be used; can consider replacement of boars, such as recording boars, play boars and breeding videos, pig house spray Similar to the smell of the boar (or abandoned semen), these practices will be poorly stimulated, but it is better than any measures.

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